Big Picture Planning

If there’s one thing homeschool parents view with trepidation, it’s the transition from middle to high school. This season contains a whole new level of accountability and pressure as your child enters his ninth grade year. The grades he achieves, the tests he takes, and the transcript he compiles have the power to determine future decisions about college and career. It’s no wonder parents are nervous about homeschooling the high school years!

First John 1:8 says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” If you’re nervous about homeschooling through high school, it shows how much you care about your child! This love guarantees that you’ll give your best to the high school years. You place a high value on your student’s success and education, and here at TTD with the Homeschool Guidance Counselor we share those same priorities. That’s why I’m here to walk with you through this email curriculum: to share advice and insight as you equip your child for post-graduation success.

Why think about college and career in ninth grade? Many colleges start looking at applications in a student’s junior year. The students who have a solid understanding of the college process, standardized testing, and the program they want to study often come into the college and/or career scene with an advantage. This advantage manifests itself personally, academically, and financially. By creating a strategic plan earlier rather than later, you’ll reduce your own stress while also equipping your child to succeed.

Where to Start

Know Your State Graduation Requirements

These will be listed on your state Department of Education website. If you’re wondering how many units of English, math, and science your child needs by senior year, this is the place to look. Most colleges expect applicants to fulfill whatever their home state requires for graduation as a bare minimum, so if you already have a few schools of interest, look at their Admissions page to find out specifics.

Explore Potential Careers

Most 9th graders don’t know what they want to do with their lives, and that’s okay! They have plenty of time to develop interests and passions. However, the students who come into college secure in their major are far less likely to change their major multiple times. This saves both time and money. Freshman and sophomore years in high school are a great time to take career tests, job shadow, volunteer, and interview people in interesting careers.

Anticipate Upcoming Milestones

This email curriculum will help you stay one step ahead as you walk with your child through these exciting years of college preparation. Our monthly emails will give you tangible to-do’s for each stage in the process so you’re never behind – and always ahead!

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