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Welcome back to the Teach Them Diligently podcast! Today’s episode is a special one focused on fatherhood and raising boys. We have a dynamic conversation in store for you, featuring David Nunnery and David Mills of Men’s Alliance, an organization dedicated to transforming men’s lives and, in turn, their homes, marriages, churches, and communities. Joining us today is David Mills, who is deeply passionate about empowering fathers and sons through the Men’s Alliance movement.

This episode is not only designed to give women insights into how men think but also to provide practical advice for men looking to engage and learn more through Men’s Alliance. Discover why fathers and sons getting involved together in Men’s Alliance is a game-changer, both spiritually and physically! 

About the Guest:

Dave “Goose” Mills spent his career in the Air Force flying squadrons which taught him how tribes are formed, how they operate, and how they save lives. He has seen how isolated men are and how badly they need a tribe, and he created Men’s Alliance to fix that problem and help men become the husbands, fathers, and leaders that God designed us to be. David believes that healthy men create healthy families, and healthy families create a healthy country. So, if we want to improve the world, we must start with the men. Goose has been married for 23 years, has 4 kids, and is the Founder and Director of Men’s Alliance. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Men’s Alliance focuses on bringing men together through physical workouts and devotions. 
  • The ministry aims to get men out of isolation, teach them leadership skills, and disciple them in their faith. 
  • Men’s Alliance provides a low-threat environment for men to practice leading and encourages them to deploy their leadership skills in various ways. 
  • The ministry has had a significant impact on churches, with men becoming more involved in church activities and conferences. 
  • Men’s Alliance offers a proven and tested program that churches can implement to reach and engage men in their congregations. Men’s Alliance provides an outlet for men to be active and build genuine relationships. 
  • The wives and children of Men’s Alliance members see the positive impact it has on their husbands and fathers. 
  • Men’s Alliance creates a band of brothers that is stronger and more supportive than any other group. 
  • Men’s Alliance is open to men of all physical abilities and can be started by any average guy at a church or in any community. 

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