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We are so excited for today’s episode of the TTD podcast. We have a special guest joining us to explore a thought-provoking topic: Christian Book Month and reclaiming our public libraries. Have you ever wondered how our public library system reached its current state? More importantly, what can Christians do to make a meaningful impact within these community institutions? Joining us today is Korrie Johnson, the founder of Good Book Mom. Since 2019, Korrie has been on a mission to discover books that resonate with both adults and children, all through the lens of a Biblical Christian worldview. Today, we delve into how we can engage with Christian Book Month and take back our public libraries, shaping them into spaces that align with our faith and values. 



  • Christian Book Month promotes good books written by Christians and encourages believers to engage with public libraries.  
  • Public libraries face challenges due to the liberal bias of the American Library Association (ALA) and the lack of Christian librarians.  
  • Building relationships with librarians and requesting Christian books can help promote the presence of Christian literature in libraries.  
  • Checking out books and engaging with libraries beyond April is essential to support Christian literature and be a positive influence in the community. 

Meet the Guest:

Korrie Johnson started Good Book Mom in 2019 with the goal of finding books that both you and the children in your life will love, filtering everything through a Biblical Chrisitan Worldview.

Additional Resources:

Find out more about Christian Book Month and Good Book Mom HERE 

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