Roots and Resilience: Navigating Homeschooling in Changing Seasons | 279

In this episode, Leslie Nunnery interviews Lyndsay Mimnagh from Treehouse Schoolhouse. Lyndsey shares her journey of homeschooling her four children while building a business and going through a major transition in her family life. She emphasizes the importance of discipleship in everyday life and encourages families to be adaptable and flexible during times of transition. Lyndsey also highlights the significance of strengthening marriages and maintaining open communication with spouses. 


  • Discipleship is not just about formal education but also about the everyday conversations and experiences with our children. 
  • During times of transition, it is important to focus on the atmosphere of learning in the home and adapt to the circumstances. 
  • Guarding and strengthening marriages is crucial during times of transition, as it impacts the entire family. 
  • Being flexible and adaptable allows families to navigate through challenges and continue the mission of homeschooling. 
  • Engaging with resources and communities can provide support and encouragement during times of transition. 

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About the Guest:

Lyndsey is a homeschool mom of four and the founder of Treehouse Schoolhouse. Before motherhood, Lyndsey had a career in children’s ministry and special needs education. Her home education centers around living books and ideas, hands-on learning, nature exploration, and biblical discipleship. She shares experiences and home education inspiration through her Instagram and blog, as well as creates curriculum and resources for families around the world. Her most popular curriculum titles are An Expectant Easter, A Connected Christmas, and Treehouse Nature Study. 

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