Rethink Education

Turning Scary questions about Home Education into exciting possibilities
Leslie Nunnery is the mom-part of the team that started Teach Them Diligently (along with her husband David, the homeschool dad-part of the team!). She’s written this ebook in an attempt to help answer some of the big questions that moms who are considering homeschooling ask most.

Listen to what others have said

This was such a quick read, but the depth of insight (and soul searching it caused me!) was truly impactful!
Homeschool Mom, Texas
Wow! These were the exact questions I had rattling around in my mind when I came searching for what it meant to homeschool. Hit the nail on the head!
Homeschool Dad, South Carolina

Get answers to 11 of the homeschooling questions everyone is asking...

If you are rethinking education, then you’re probably asking lots of tough questions right now.
Download this FREE 20-page eBook and find out what homeschooling is really like from a mom who’s actually been there and done that.
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