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Family Conference

We are so excited about next week’s Online Family Conference! It is Jam Packed with incredibly helpful and practical information for your family, and we invite you to join us there, because all of us can benefit from taking a little extra time during this busy season of the year to invest in the relationships and functions that mean the most to all of us.

Homeschooling impacts every relationship in a home. And, with the Holidays, and the busy-ness that comes with them upon us, we are offering our Homeschool Family Virtual Summit now to help you get ready.

Click here to take advantage of the early bird $19 Rate!!

Check out a sampling of the workshops you’ll find in the online family conference:

  • Rethink Your Perseverance: Parenting Even When You Don’t Want To
  • Family Wellness Principles
  • Protecting and Praying for our Marriage
  • Raising Children of Promise
  • Keeping it Simple in Your Home: Less Clutter and More Joy
  • Hope for Moms with Chronic Illness
  • Parenting for the Heart (And Speech) of your Child
  • Internet Age Parenting
  • Holiday Homeschooling: Marriage Edition
  • Time Saving Strategies for a Busy Homeschool Household
  • The Family That Reads Together Stays Together
  • Delighting In Your Kids Instead Of Dealing With Them
  • Be Financially Responsible Now So You Can Live the Life You Want!
  • Rethink Your Marriage: A Look At Something We So Often Overlook
  • Family Traditions
  • Marriage and Relationships in Homeschooling
  • Homeschooling in the Hard Times
  • Homeschooling With Unit Studies
  • Work from Home Without Having to Sell a Thing
  • Strategies for Keeping Your Temple in Tip Top Shape
  • 3 Must-Have Tools That Help Me Get Stuff Done
  • What I Would Stress Less About- Reflections from a “Retired” Homeschool Mom
  • How and Where to Look for Work from Home Jobs
  • Why Don’t your Kids Act Like Homeschoolers?
  • 3 Must-Have Tools That Help Me Get Stuff Done
  • True Confessions of a Classroom Teacher Turned Homeschool Mom
  • A Family Transformed by The Word
  • 5 Keys to Parenting Special Needs Kids
  • Creating an Environment for Family Conversations
  • Clash in Your Home: A Game Plan for Cleaning Up the Conflict
  • Making Memories in Your Homeschool
  • Finally!–The Perfect Schedule for Your Homeschool Family
  • Cultivating Marriage while Parenting Special Needs
  • Homeschooling Kids of Multiple Ages…Without Losing Your Mind
  • How To Avoid The College Scam
  • Preschool Should Be FUN!
  • Adult Children with Autism: Letting Go while Holding On
  • Your Identity is Not What You Do, But Who (and Who’s) You Are
  • Don’t Know What to Major In Or what Your Passion Is? Here are some great tips to help you figure that out!

And there are even more than that for you to choose from and enjoy any time you want to!

So, click here to secure your ticket for LIFETIME ACCESS to the online family conference, call your spouse, and find some time to cuddle up together and invest in your family now!

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Ever since I was younger, I have loved the Fourth of July. It is one of the only times in the year where fireworks are blazing and hotdogs are eaten in dozens (and I absolutely LOVE hot dogs!) I am also fascinated by fun facts, so I was particularly excited when I learned all of this about the special day that we celebrate as the birthday of America. How many of these fun facts did you already know? Perhaps your children can impress all your relatives with their new-found facts when you’re all together celebrating this July 4th!

8 Fun Fourth of July facts

  1. The Declaration of Independence was not fully signed until August 2nd. 
  2. Massachusetts was the first state to recognize Independence Day. (Good job Massachusetts.) 
  3. Other Countries also celebrate July 4th. Including England, Denmark, Portugal, and Sweden. 
  4. We eat about 150 million hotdogs on the 4th of July. 
  5. Independence day was not recognized as a national holiday until 1870. 
  6. 3 US Presidents have died on July 4th. (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe,)
  7. Fireworks have been used to celebrate our independence basically since the beginning. 
  8. Americans spend $167.5 million on watermelon each year on July 4th. 

How does your family celebrate the Independence Day? Here are 10 creative ways to make it fun– and to give you something to work on all week!

10 Creative And Fun Fourth of July Ideas

  1. Easy eraser stamp t-shirt by Cutesy Crafts. 
  2. Mess-Free Star Painting by Toddler Approved.
  3. How cute is this Uncle Sam mask by Fantastic Fun and Learning? 
  4. Firework ring also by Fantastic Fun and Learning.
  5. Bald Eagle crafts by Homeschool Preschool. 
  6. Red, Rice, and Blue Candle by Today’s Creative Life. 
  7. Jello Firecrackers by Kraft.
  8. Edible Firecrackers by Surviving a Teachers Salary.  
  9. July 4th Smores dip by Delish.
  10. Dish Brush Fireworks by Crafty Morning.

Also, be sure to check out Six Activity Ideas for Fun Fourth of July Family Celebration!

Comment below if you made any of these! Or, better yet, share your pictures on Instagram or Facebook and tag @TeachDiligently or use the #TTDJuly4. I can’t wait to see your creativity in action!

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laptop computer

Enjoy this week’s roundup of selected stories from God’s World News—the unique Christian current events program for kids. Help your children learn to read age-appropriate news stories critically, to sift for the truth, and to relate knowledge and biblical wisdom to daily life.

Open: Liberty Museum!

A new, larger museum has opened at the Statue of Liberty. Now the millions of people who visit the famous landmark every year can get the inside scoop on America’s favorite statue. Read more:

The Statue of Liberty Museum, set to open Thursday May 16, 2019 on Liberty Island, is shown in this photo, in New York, Monday, May 13, 2019. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)


Cuba’s Food Crisis

Cuban government officials plan to limit how much chicken, eggs, rice, beans, and soap people can buy in the face of widespread shortages. Read more:

FILE – In this Oct. 9, 2009 file photo, an employee works in a government food store with empty shelves in Havana, Cuba. The Cuban government said, Friday, May 10, 2019, that it will begin rationing chicken, eggs, rice, beans, soap and other basic products in the face of a grave economic crisis. (AP Photo/Javier Galeano, File)


Troubled Waters

Indonesian authorities sank 51 foreign fishing ships they had seized operating illegally in their waters. The sinkings were a warning to other countries. “Stay out of our waters!” Read more:

Workers flood the cargo bay of a Vietnamese-flagged boats with water to sink it in the waters off Datuk Island, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, Saturday, May 4, 2019. Authorities sank 51 foreign fishing boats caught operating illegally in the Indonesian waters as it resumed its tough stance against poaching in the country. (AP Photos/William Pasaribu)


San Francisco Bans Face ID

San Francisco supervisors voted to ban the use of facial recognition software by police and other city departments. Read more:

FILE – In this Oct. 31, 2018, file photo, demonstrators hold images of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos near their faces during a Halloween-themed protest at Amazon headquarters over the company’s facial recognition system, “Rekognition,” in Seattle. San Francisco is on track to become the first U.S. city to ban the use of facial recognition by police and other city agencies as the technology creeps increasingly into daily life. Studies have shown error rates in facial-analysis systems built by Amazon, IBM and Microsoft were far higher for darker-skinned women than lighter-skinned men. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)


Kids’ Alexa

Some folks worry that the kids’ version of Amazon’s Alexa won’t forget what children tell it—even after parents try to delete the conversations. Now privacy advocates and members of Congress want the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether Echo Dot Kids Edition violates the law. Read more:

FILE – In this Aug. 16, 2018, file photo a child holds his Amazon Echo Dot in Kennesaw, Ga. Amazon met with skepticism from some privacy advocates and members of Congress last year when it introduced its first kid-oriented voice assistant , along with brightly colored models of its Echo Dot speaker designed for children. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)


Aasia Bibi Takes Refuge in Canada

Aasia Bibi spent eight years on death row in Pakistan until being acquitted. Now the Catholic who was falsely accused of blasphemy against Mohammed is safely out of the country and reunited with her family in Canada. Read more:

FILE – In this Nov. 20, 2010, file photo, Aasia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman, listens to officials at a prison in Sheikhupura near Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistani media say Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy after spending eight years on death row, has left Pakistan for Canada to be reunited with her daughters. Wilson Chawdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association told The Associated Press on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, he received a telephone text message from a British diplomat stating simply that “Aasia is out.” (AP Photo, File)





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laptop computer

Enjoy this week’s roundup of selected stories from God’s World News—the unique Christian current events program for kids. Help your children learn to read age-appropriate news stories critically, to sift for the truth, and to relate knowledge and biblical wisdom to daily life.

A Whopper of an Idea

Burger King added a new item to its menu in a test market: a meatless burger! The fast food chain tested no-beef burgers in 59 Burger Kings in St. Louis, Missouri. The “Impossible Whoppers” were a hit! Read more:

In this Thursday, April 25, 2019, photo a customer takes his order from the drive through window at a Burger King in Redwood City, Calif. Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons, reports financial results on Monday, April 29. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)


Found: Stolen Bible

A 17th-century Geneva Bible stolen from a Pittsburgh library has been recovered. It was among more than 300 rare books, maps, and atlases discovered missing from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh last year. Read more:

FBI supervisory special agent Shawn Brokos shows the recovered 1615 Breeches Edition Bible during a news conference, Thursday, April 25, 2019, in Pittsburgh. The Bible was stolen from the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh in the 1990’s. It was traced to the American Pilgrim Museum in Leiden, Netherlands. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)


Japan’s New Emperor Ascends

On May 1, Japan witnessed a rare handover of its Chrysanthemum Throne by a living emperor. New Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne on Wednesday. His aging father Akihito abdicated Tuesday night. Read more:

Japan’s Emperor Akihito, left, with Empress Michiko, second from left, and his son Crown Prince Naruhito, second from right, and Crown Princess Masako, right, arrives for the ceremony of his abdication at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Akihito announced his abdication at a palace ceremony Tuesday in his final address, as the nation embraced the end of his reign with reminiscence and hope for a new era. (Japan Pool via AP)


Cyber-Threat: Inactivity

A new study finds that computer usage correlates with increased inactivity in Americans. People spend close to a third of their waking hours sitting down. That inactivity increases health risks. Read more:

FILE – In this Oct. 29, 2018 file photo, students work on computers at an elementary school in Beaver, Utah. According to a study published on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Americans are becoming increasingly sedentary, spending almost a third of their waking hours sitting down, and computer use is partly to blame. (Scott G Winterton/The Deseret News via AP)


Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold

The highly anticipated release of Samsung’s foldable phone has been delayed. The folding phone has breaking issues. This public launch push back is a setback for Samsung and the smartphone market generally. Read more:

FILE – In this April 16, 2019, file photo, a model holds a Samsung Galaxy Fold smart phone to her face, during a media preview event in London. Samsung is pushing back this week’s planned public launch of its highly anticipated folding phone after reports that reviewers’ phones were breaking. The company had been planning to release the Galaxy Fold on Friday. Instead, it says it will to run more tests and announce a new launch date in the coming weeks. (AP Photo/Kelvin Chan, File)




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With so much entertainment and digital content flowing to cell phones, tablets and computers — and with the themes and subject matter becoming increasingly inappropriate for kids — many parents are looking for safe movies, TV shows and documentaries for the whole family.

Plus, many homeschooling families are seeking ways to bring exciting lesson plans to life. Luckily, there are a variety of resources as well as supplemental documentaries, TV series and movies worth exploring — shows and films can educate and entertain kids and parents, alike.

So, our team at has assembled some of the best, most entertaining and educational content available to your kids. It’s content you can watch right now with a free, one-month trial:


EDUCATIONAL CONTENT recommends exploring a large number of documentary titles to consider implementing into your homeschool lesson plans. For example, you can use the “American Heritage Series” alongside U.C. history lessons, or “Animal Encyclopedia” when you’re studying life science. You can also find documentaries about well-known historical and contemporary figures like Corrie Ten Boom and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Here’s a select list of just some of the potential documentaries and series you’ll want to consider:

“Drive Thru History: Ancient”

This illuminating, entertaining series explores places where Christianity took root centuries ago, and visits the settings of key events from the Bible. Watch all 12 episodes of “Drive Thru History: Ancient” here.

“The Amazing Bible Series”

The Bible comes to life for kids through catchy songs and relevant stories, in this buoyant animated program. Watch “The Amazing Bible Series,” which is best for younger kids in the family here.

“Drive Thru History: America”

Get a first-hand look at some of the places where our founding fathers risked their lives to shape our burgeoning nation. Watch all 12 episodes here.

“Great Bible Stories”

Witness a touching depiction of sacred Bible stories in this collection of short films. Watch “Great Bible Stories” today.

“Learn Your Times Table”

Here’s a fun and interactive way for your children to understand their times table. Check out the quick lesson here.

“Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible?”

What is the Bible? How is it put together? Learn alongside Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady, Brother Louie and the crew that the Bible tells the story of God and what He’s done for us. This is a great series for kids. Watch “Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible?” today.

“Discovering America’s Founders”

“Discovering America’s Founders” is part of the entertaining “Drive Thru History” series. Based on the work of David Barton, a leading Christian historian, this film takes you to Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Virginia to learn about the life and times of the Adams Family: John, Abigail, and John Quincy; the Benjamins: Franklin, Rush, and Banneker; and other key patriots: George Washington, Haym Salomon, and Noah Webster. Discover how faith and commitment to God and country contributed to the founding of our nation. Watch this amazing series today.

“Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated”

Struggling to reconcile God’s goodness with the terrible realities of the Nazi camps, two sisters cling desperately to their Christian faith. Their story will deeply inspire you. Watch it here.

“A Portrait of America”

In “A Portrait of America,” George Barna offers his most recent research to examine the beliefs and values of American adults and concludes with a heartfelt call for Christians to engage the culture. It’s a great documentary for understanding where we are culturally — and how we move forward. Watch it here.

“Alexander Graham Bell”

Alexander Graham Bell is known as one of the inventors of the greatest communication tools in our modern world: the telephone. This short piece takes you inside Bell’s accomplishments. You can watch “Alexander Graham Bell” here.

“Buck Denver and Friends: Sing Through the Bible”

Check out 30 music videos that will take you from Genesis to Revelation with characters from Phil Vischer’s “What’s in the Bible?!” The series includes on-screen sing-along lyrics so the whole family can follow along. Watch the show here.


In addition to these excellent pieces of education content, we have hundreds of titles from “Answers in Genesis” — presentations about God, science, creation and plenty more.


ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT is also filled with thousands of entertaining films for the whole family. From dramas to movies about faith and hope, there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few safe, entertaining and inspiring entertainment titles to choose from:

“Pups United”

A ragtag gang of international talking-dog mascots must save the day and foil the plot of villains planning to sabotage the Youth World Cup soccer finals. Check out “Pups United” here.

“Arthur’s Missing Pal”

When Arthur and his pals go on a big hunt for a lost dog, they discover the importance of working together. Watch “Arthur’s Missing Pal” here.

“Summer’s Shadow”

When Summer Larsen adopts a stray dog, she soon realizes she’ll need the help of all her adult friends to turn the mutt into a companion. This sweet story explores themes of redemption and faith, all through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl and her new canine best friend. Dog lovers and families will love this sweet summer movie. Watch “Summer’s Shadow” now.

“A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise”

When Sammy and Ray find themselves trapped in The Tank, an underwater aquarium, they must hatch a plan to escape and reunite with their grandkids. Watch “A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise” right now.


You can access any of these films and series — as well as thousands of faith and family friendly originals, movies, TV shows and documentaries — with a free one-month trial. Also, be sure to read our compilation of homeschooling resources here.

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As a mom of three children, there is nothing more rewarding than walking alongside my kids as they grow in their relationship with Christ. Whether reading the Bible or attending church on Sundays, I’ve come to place so much value on experiences we have as a family that connect us more deeply with Scripture and help us grow together.

My passion for connecting people to the Bible was cultivated early in my own childhood.

I grew up in our family’s business. My grandfather went from producing milk as a dairy farmer to producing live stage shows with a purpose. He was passionate about helping people see and understand the Bible as he did: full of life and creativity. Deeply motivated by the way Jesus used parables to help people connect to scripture, he used what he had to begin doing the same. Armed with a camera, slide projector and passion for the gospel, he began creating experiences for families to share together that connected them to Bible stories. What started as a small multi-media show grew into the Sight & Sound Theatres that exists today: two state-of-the-art venues in Lancaster, Pa. and Branson, Mo. where Bible stories come to life on a panoramic stage with massive sets and live animals (not to mention our signature roasted almonds which are an experience of their own!).

A lot may have changed in our 42-year history, but one thing remains the same: our passion for bringing the Bible to life. We realize not everyone may be able to visit us in person, so this April we’re “taking the show on the road.” For three days, our landmark production NOAH will be playing in movie theaters nationwide! We’re thrilled about the idea of thousands of people across the country experiencing this cherished Bible story together in their own backyards.

If you’re making plans to bring your family, I’d like to recommend reading the story together before embarking on your excursion (found in Genesis 6-9).

Additionally, here are three discussion questions for the drive home after your voyage:

  1. Noah had to make a hard decision and was ridiculed for it. Was there ever a time that you had to make a decision that wasn’t popular?
  2. Noah had to trust that God was going to deliver on His promise even when he couldn’t see the outcome. Was there a time you had to trust God in your own life when you didn’t know what would happen?
  3. God’s faithfulness is evident throughout Noah’s whole life. How have you experienced God coming through in your life?

We invite you to set sail with us in April to experience this extraordinary Bible story full of animals (two-by-two!), a monumental flood, and (spoiler alert!), a rainbow for the grand finale! Our hope is the story will come to life for your family in a brand new way. We can’t wait to see you there!


About NOAH

Seen by more than 5 million people live on stage, Sight & Sound’s landmark production sets sail into movie theaters April 9, 11, and 13 for a special nationwide event. Filmed in front of a live audience, NOAH takes you on history’s best-known voyage as you board the enormous ark—along with two of every kind of animal! For locations and tickets visit


About Katie Miller

As the oldest grandchild of Sight & Sound’s founders, Katie Miller was the first member of the family’s third generation to work in the organization. Katie stepped onto the stage when she was four years old and performed as part of the cast until she was 13. Today, she serves as Corporate Communications Manager. Her unique, rich experience within the company’s formative years has helped her collaborate in everything from publicity opportunities to future succession planning. She lives in Lancaster, Pa. with her husband of 15 years and their three children.        



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Christian healthcare ministries

As a health cost sharing ministry, CHM isn’t insurance. Here are five unique attributes that enrich your experience as a CHM member.

1. CHM members are in a covenant—not contract—with each other.

God is in covenant with His people, and His people are to be in covenant with each other. That’s why we have no legal contracts at CHM—a fact we thoroughly explain on our website and in our promotional materials before members join the ministry.

Being part of CHM is being part of a covenant between our members—people who give assurance that they are Christians living by biblical principles and who voluntarily join together to support each other.

And it works: for nearly 38 years members have faithfully shared 100 percent of each other’s eligible medical costs. The ministry is successful because members honor God by following the New Testament concept of sharing each other’s burdens found in John 13:35, Acts 2 and 4, and Galatians 6:2.

Furthermore, program costs remain the same regardless of your health history: we don’t increase your financial gift or cancel your membership if you experience an illness or injury. CHM is also a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity.

2. CHM is a ministry and looks for ways to help members.

Though we must abide by our Guidelines—shared with all members and prospective members before they join—there are times situations arise that are complex and “outside the box.” In such cases, each situation is reviewed individually.

3. The ministry is not a profit-seeking enterprise.

There’s nothing at all wrong with businesses making a profit, but that’s not what this ministry does. Our purpose is to glorify God and serve His people; our members are our sole concern. Aside from a very low administrative expense (about one percent), your monthly financial gifts go toward helping other Christians with their medical bills. Likewise, 100 percent of all extra giving is applied to members with medical bills.

4. Healthcare providers bill you directly, so there is transparency in medical prices.

Insurance companies are known as “third-party payers,” which means that doctors and hospitals bill them rather than the patient. Therefore, patients often have no idea what they’re really paying for healthcare. If you don’t know what something costs, or why, you won’t know the reasons when prices to you increase or if they’re justified.

In contrast, as a CHM member you can shop for competitive prices on elective procedures and treatment. Our members’ adoption of this philosophy is one of the main reasons CHM is celebrating 11 years with no increase in monthly gift amounts, even while healthcare costs have increased significantly.

In an advantage distinct to CHM, when you receive a discount on an eligible bill, your personal responsibility (the amount you’re responsible to pay) is reduced by the discounted amount. (At the Gold level, CHM shares 100 percent of eligible bills for medical incidents exceeding $500; therefore, personal responsibility is eliminated once the $500 threshold is reached. In contrast, Silver and Bronze personal responsibility amounts are $1,000 and $5,000 per incident, respectively. To learn more and see an example, visit

5. Medical treatment is determined by you and your doctor, not CHM.

For care eligible under the CHM Guidelines, we don’t require pre-authorization for any procedures, nor do we limit your healthcare choices (and how much we’ll assist you) by having a preferred provider network you must follow. As a member, you can go to any doctor or hospital and CHM will share your bills as long as they are eligible under the Guidelines.

Image result for Christian Healthcare Ministries

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convention teach them diligently

It’s true! Though God has now allowed us to present Teach Them Diligently events for the last 8 years, we only “signed up” to do one. :)

After that first event in Spartanburg, SC in March of 2012, I vividly remember David gathering the friends and family who helped us produce it around our table to ask each of them if they thought the event was worth the incredible effort and emotional toll it took on all of us.

We set out to create an event that celebrated what we believe is the highest reason for home education—discipling and preparing our children to do all that God has created them to do. We only envisioned it as a one-time thing, and honestly, God worked so mightily, we couldn’t imagine that the event could ever be recreated.

Yet, we were uncertain if God was finished with us…

“Leslie, what do you think, should we do this again?”

“Kristin, do you believe we should do this again? Is this our ministry?”

David went around the room and asked the same question to each of us, and each and every person responded with, “Yes!”

There was a lot of uncertainty in that scene around our table because we were all still extremely tired and sore from walking the convention hall in Spartanburg.  We didn’t even have dates reserved for the following year.

Plus, David and I were reluctant to take any kind of a leadership role in something like this.  To be completely honest, we actually struggled with our own doubt and insecurity in wondering just what we could offer to homeschool families. I talked a little about that feeling of inadequacy in this article, but I think many of you can relate with this insecurity.  I think it is one of those things that happens when God puts people in uncomfortable positions and stretches them.

That evening around our table was one of the treasures God has given our team through these years. We all acknowledged that God was definitely urging us forward, each recounted testimonies shared with us onsite or after the event—lives were changed, marriages were restored, families were revived.

God was clearly at work!

Instead of only producing one event for 2013, God opened the door for us to do three, reaching even more families and seeing Him work in even more miraculous ways.

Each year, God has continued to allow us to produce these discipleship-based homeschool events that many families have attended multiple times. After every event, we stand in awe of all that He has done and is doing, and it is our prayer that He will use Teach Them Diligently to revive His families and mobilize them to change the world.

Teach Them Diligently events truly are amazing (probably in spite of us!) However, I will admit…they do have one obvious weakness. They only last for 2 1/2 days and after each event, we hear from families expressing sadness upon leaving the refreshing fellowship and equipping they find there. TTD events have rightfully been called an oasis by some of the homeschool families who attend.

Increasingly, we became more and more burdened that “our families” (yes, we consider you all part of our family, for we pray for you and think of you every single day!) really needed more support, more encouragement, more mentoring, more fellowship, more of everything Teach Them Diligently is able to offer. So, we began seeking God’s face once again for what seemed to be as overwhelming a task as producing that first Teach Them Diligently event.

We started following His lead in these areas, then last fall, we did a number of surveys asking our families what were their biggest issues and concerns in their family and homeschools. We received thousands of responses and have poured over them as we built out these new offerings.

Since so many of you are personally responsible for helping shape this new arm of our mission, I wanted to share the results with you in this printable infographic. You can get the National Homeschool Survey results here. Download it here and take a look!   I think some of the findings are surprising!

Do you agree with the results? We really want to hear from you! Leave a comment or send me an email detailing what your biggest struggles and successes are in your homeschool. We are eager to incorporate your thoughts as we finalize the schedule for Teach Them Diligently 2019 and the new products we are putting the finishing touches on now.

We are tackling a number of these topics and more within our Teach Them Diligently 365 community.

I also invite you to check out the free “Rethink Education” ebook. It takes a fresh and practical look at 11 of the questions most people are asking about homeschooling. It would be a great thing to share with any friends who are considering home education– and it would probably be a great reminder for you of why you’re doing this in the first place.  Download your copy here.

The wait is almost over!  The first Teach Them Diligently event of 2019 starts in just about a month! I sure hope to meet you there!




P.S. We sure would love to see you at TTD2019. Find an event near you Register Today  so you, too, can experience all that Teach Them Diligently has to offer.

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