Tips for Writing a College Entrance Essay

Applying to colleges can be a long and exhausting process. Most schools require an application, standardized test scores (the ACT or SAT), high school transcripts, and some universities may even require essays. These essays generally involve asking the student to answer questions about their lives and are used to measure writing ability, communication skills and personal development. We at Ohio Christian University have put together seven tips to help you write an awesome entrance essay to help you get into the school of your dreams!

Tips for writing
  1. Brainstorm—Find a creative way to link your personality traits to the essay question. Be sure to fully answer their prompt while also making a distinction from other applicants.
  2. Structure the Essay—Create an outline and begin writing a first draft, knowing that changes will be made.
  3. Hook the Reader—Admissions counselors read many essays at a time. Find a way to get them interested in your essay from the start.
  4. Be Honest and Concise—Do not simply write what you think they want to see. Answer each question honestly and to the point.
  5. Proofread—Reread the essay carefully and make corrections.
  6. Ask for Feedback—Essays can be improved by being reviewed by other eyes. Ask your parents, teachers or friends!
  7. Proofread Again—Now that additional changes have been made, read through the essay carefully once more and make any final adjustments.


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