Top 10 Elementary Writing Curriculum Choices For 2021

Writing curriculum programs are not a one size fits all; and, as a home educator, it is ultimately up to you to make the best decision. We have asked some of our Teach Them Diligently Families what their favorite elementary writing curriculums are. Listed below are the most recommended elementary writing curriculums. 

The Top 3…

Institute For Excellence In Writing – From their website: At the Institute for Excellence in Writing, we train teachers to model an oral and written pathway of communication which develops the language skills of all students through imitation to innovation. Because every teacher can use the method in his or her classroom, every parent can be confident that every student can learn to listen, speak, read, write, and think effectively and eloquently.

Memoria Press Classical Composition  – From their website: Memoria Press’ composition program, Classical Composition, is based on the original classical method of teaching writing called the “progymnasmata.” It was the program that produced John Milton and William Shakespeare. This method involved learning fourteen skills, organized from the simplest and most basic to the most complex and sophisticated. In addition, our English Grammar Recitation program will solidify the grammar your child has learned in Latin through memorizing and reciting the essential grammatical and usage rules in English.

Writing Strands – From their website: This convenient all-in-one worktext features 180 days of instruction and a variety of student activities and exercises. Each week alternates between writing lessons and reading lessons; for their reading, students will read biblical passages as well as books chosen and assigned by the parent. A weekly lesson schedule is also included.

Top Elementary Writing Curriculums 4-5

4. Gather Round HomeschoolFrom their website: No separate subjects, see the connections in everything you do and learn together as a family. Connection-relational-memorable-God-centered.

5. Writing with Ease from Well Trained Mind – From their website: Increase teacher confidence with four years of expertly designed elementary writing instruction! The Four-Year Guide provides detailed teacher guidance, plus examples and criteria for adding your own reading, narration, and copywork passages. For a no-prep solution, see the Workbooks – or combine them for the ultimate in teacher support.

Top Elementary Writing Curriculums 6-10

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