Season of Autumn Inspires Creative Writing

What to write…

Does your student have a passion for writing? Are writing assignments met with groans of protest? These fall writing themes will foster writing fun for even reluctant writers. Here are some eye-catching writing prompts to kick off the season in your home:

Describe Fall with your Five Senses – Ask your middle schooler to explain how their senses work by challenging them to describe the season using their senses. How does their favorite fall treat taste? What are their favorite fall sounds and smells? Go for nature walks and have them use adjectives to describe the sounds they hear.  Note how sound carries differently now than during other seasons. Encourage noticing tiny details to get creative juices flowing.

Describe Carving a Pumpkin – Many families will carve pumpkins during October. Images and designs are endless.  Ask your student to write about how they would like to carve their pumpkin. If this is an activity they have never done but would like to, go out and pick a pumpkin,(fun fall field trip) allow them to carve and experience, then write about it.

Make a List of Fall Activities – What does your middle schooler like to do in the fall? Go to the apple orchard? Go on a hayride? Jump in a pile of raked leaves? Have your student write about their favorites and add as much detail as they can.

Describe your Favorite Donut – Have them get creative by pretending to be the donut, what flavor would they be or maybe describe their favorite donut and why. Write about a day in the life of a donut from 1st person. How does it feel to be eaten? Why not cap off  the activity by making donuts to celebrate the reluctant writer’s efforts?

Write about Baking a Pie – If your middle schooler loves baking, encourage them to bake their favorite and then write about the experience. Describe what it took to actually make the pie, so a friend could make one too.  Have students rate the results by describing how it tastes, what the texture was like, etc. Develop a survey sheet for family members to rate their pie eating experience.

Write about Favorite Candy – Does your middle schooler have a favorite type of candy? Encourage them to write about it from the name to color, texture, smell, etc. Compare and contrast their favorite candy with their least favorite.

Describe your Favorite Fall Outfit – What does your child like to wear during the fall season? Encourage them to write details on why they like it and why they chose colors, etc. If they are sensory defensive, ask them to describe how certain new fall fabrics irritate them vs which clothing items comfort them and why.

Thanksgiving – Have your middle schooler write about Thanksgiving and what they like about it noting sights, sounds, textures, and smells they remember from one year to the next. What are they most thankful for?

Be Creative

Fall writing prompts are endless. You can get really silly and creative as well. Encourage your middle schooler to develop  come up writing prompts for younger siblings and have them all write using that prompt — then compare the responses. Writing doesn’t have to be a drag; it can be fun and exciting.

Share your most successful fall writing prompt in the comments below.

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