Year Round Homeschool Science Experiments


Do you homeschool year round? I know of many homeschool families who do homeschool year round and some that don’t. I have tried both approaches and homeschooling year round seems to work for us. In the summer months I do take more of an enrichment based approach, but it’s still considered learning no matter how you look at it. We stick with subjects that can become forgotten over the summer such as math, reading, writing, etc. These three subjects alone are the key ingredients to healthy learning. You can expand on them in so many different directions making it fun and engaging, and yes even math.

One of the funnest ways to learn is hands on through science experiments. This is a great way to keep kids engaged and excited about learning. Whether you homeschool year round or not, these experiment ideas will get your child excited about learning.

1. Liquid Science Experiment. This is a classic spin on liquid science experiments. See what happens when you mix water and cooking oil together. Add food coloring for an even more exciting experience.

2.Dancing Fruit. Sounds enticing right? All you have to say to get your child’s curiosity up is…”Want to see some dancing fruit”? All you need is clear cups, carbonated water or soda, water, and a variety of fruit like grapes, cherries, etc. Visit here for full details on how to execute this experiment properly.

3.Simple Erupting Volcano. I can’t wait to try this one with the kiddies over the summer. All you need is 1/2 cup of vinegar, 5 drops of food coloring, and a teaspoon of baking soda. Goggles and gloves are a good idea for this experiment as well.

4.Static Electricity. Want to make your child’s stand straight up? Just rub a balloon on a soda can and watch what happens.

5.Elephant Toothpaste. That’s right, make your very own elephant toothpaste. Kids will get a kick out of this. For full details on ingredients and how to execute the experiment, visit here.

6.Fog in a Bottle. Make your very own fog. All you need to do is fill a jar with hot water for about a minute. Poor out most of the water then put plastic bag with ice cubes on top. You will see fog begin to form right before your eyes. Visit this site to see how this fully works.

7. Learn About your Own DNA. For full details on this brilliant science experiment visit here.

8.Bottle Rocket Fun. Make your very own bottle rocket. All you need is a plastic bottle, cardboard, a cork, pump with needle adaptor, and water. Visit this site for full details on how to put this experiment together.

9.Frying an Egg on Cement…Is it Hot Enough? On a scorching summer day, see if it’s truly hot enough to fry an egg on the open concrete. You may be surprised at what happens. Word of advice though, don’t eat the egg off the ground.

10.Fizzy Ice. Sounds interesting right? All you need is crushed ice, vinegar, food coloring, medicine dropper, baking soda, and little test tubes if available. Want to see the results of this fun and cool summer science experiment?

11.Mentos Geyser. This experiment has become classic, but still tons of fun if executed properly. All you need is a 2liter bottle of cola and a roll of Mentos candies. Drop them in one by one and watch what happens! Be sure to stand back!

12.DIY Solar Oven. Want to make your very own solar oven? This is pretty cool. Visit here on how to make this experiment work.
Need more year round homeschool experiment ideas? Visit this site for more fun ideas!