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Welcome to Family Forum Fridays on the Homeschooling Families podcast where we address questions asked by TTD families! On today’s podcast, we are joined by Rachel Figg of the Hands on Homeschool to help answer a question we get a lot around TTD and that is how to prioritize art and sports in homeschooling. Leslie and Rachel will discuss the root of how to get all the “extra” fun things into our homeschooling and the importance of it! Rachel helps to provide homeschool families with practical tips of how to enrich your homeschool in the best way! 

Meet The Guest:

Rachel Figg is a homeschooling mother of four and the creator of The Hands-on Homeschool. She developed the AMPS Learning Library, offering self-paced classes in Art, Music, PE, and STEM (AMPS!) to homeschooling families. Rachel is dedicated to partnering with parents to provide a well-rounded education. She lives with her husband Chris and their children in upstate South Carolina.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Importance of enrichment activities
  • How these enrichments are important for a mission-minded homeschool family
  • Why you should include subjects like art, music, physical education and STEM
  • Practical strategies you can follow
  • How to create a plan you can stick to all year
  • How enrichment creates a well-rounded education
  • How exposure helps your child find their passion

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Find out about the Hands on Homeschool HERE

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