Preschoolers and Science

Preschoolers and science are a great combination. Why? Since preschoolers are so very hands on, it’s a great way for them to learn about the wonderful world of science. Whether it’s at a hands on children’s museum or at home, their brains will be stimulated in a way that will cause them to flourish.

Can preschoolers really learn about Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and even Physics?

Yes they can!

Examples of biology would be learning about bats, frogs, butterflies, or even spiders. They can make a craft, go on a nature walk, etc.

For learning about Chemistry, try the baking soda and vinegar experiment. They will love this.

What ideas can you incorporate for Earth Science? The easiest of ideas would be teaching them about air or even the water cycle.

Physics for preschoolers can be fun and exciting. From making a rainbow to using a cardboard tube, the ideas are abundant. One of my favorite sites offers 20 Physics ideas for preschoolers.

Why is science so important even at a young age? It’s beneficial to brain growth and can enhance their “logic and capacity for reasoning.” The best place for a preschooler to learn about science is at home or in the wonderful world around us. Whether it’s engaging them in hands on science experiments to crafts, museums, and more, this will cause them to crave more. This is perfect since it’s not only fun, it’s very educational.