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The content is valued at over $900 but the impact this will have on your family is truly priceless!

We believe God could transform the world through Christian families who catch the vision of Heart Schooling. 

Heart School Is A Class That Will…

  • Refine your vision of what God has actually called you to do.
  • Find the joy that comes when you wholeheartedly follow Him.
  • See how God can grow you AND your children as you do. 
As you would expect, Heart School will teach you how to approach the “nuts and bolts” of homeschooling like choosing curriculum, organizing your days, planning, and so forth. But, we go way beyond that! Our training will challenge you to start at the foundation to transform your homeschool and to prepare you to reach the heart of your children. 

Are you Tired of…

Feeling like you don’t have enough time…
Wondering if you are doing enough for your children…
Balancing your roles as wife, mom, teacher, and so on…
Arguing with your children…
Losing motivation about October of every year…
Fighting distractions and lack of discipline…
Struggling to manage your time…
Wrestling with the balance of fun time and academic time…
Staying enthusiastic and creative…

Heart School is an approach to homeschooling that changes EVERYTHING for the families who use it


Heart Schooling…

  • Gives purpose to your days…
  • Strengthens all relationships within your family…
  • Makes decision-making much easier…
  • Gives your children a solid foundation for their future…
  • Instills character through “homeschool subjects”…
  • Provides greater clarity as it gives more direction to your daily activities
  • Diminishes feelings of guilt by bringing everything under the umbrella of your mission
  • Replaces distraction with vision…

The anchors we discuss in the Heart School Class will help you stay on course when the days get long and difficult.

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The Heart School Class Features 

  • 3 modules with 15 video lessons that start with the most foundational elements of setting up your homeschool and moves towards the most visible. That’s 3 hours worth of content in bite-sized pieces that you can easily work into your busy schedule. (Valued at $600)
  • “Work It Out” Worksheets (Valued at $90) accompany each lesson to reinforce what was taught in each lesson through notes and journaling prompts to help you think and work through things that will fundamentally change the way you approach your homeschool, your family, your discipleship, your time management, and so much more like…
    • How natural homeschooling really is.
    • How to get and stay on the same page as your spouse.
    • How to write your own personal definition of homeschooling for your family.
    • How to identify areas of your own life that you would not want to pass on to your children.
    • How to evaluate curriculum to see if it fits the criteria for your family.
    • How to set up your homeschool days with your mission in mind.
    • How to evaluate opportunities and activities to see if they are right for your family right now.
    • How to structure powerful parenting goals to direct your family. 
  • Printables and additional resources   (Valued at $125) to help you go even deeper into your study and implementation of heart schooling, including
    • A time inventory worksheet
    • A worksheet to help you and your spouse work together on a mission statement and the story of how God led you to this point
    • Ideas of questions to ask a homeschool veteran, and more!
    • Plus, links to articles, podcasts, Teach Them Diligently 365 exclusive audio and video resources, quizzes, and other helps to practically guide you every step of the way in your heart school journey.  
  • Scheduled LIVE Zoom Calls (Valued at $125) for additional mentoring and question answering opportunities
    • We’ll hold live Q&A group mentoring calls in September, October, and November to help clarify any lingering questions and to help you through any valleys you may encounter in your homeschool year.
    • You’ll have the option to submit your some of your answers on your worksheet for discussion and to help others grow along with you. 

Your Heart School Class Includes:

  • Over 3 Hours Of Video Lessons (Valued at $600)

  • Work It Out Worksheet Notebook (Valued at $90)

  • Printables and Additional Resources, Including exclusive audio and video resources from Teach Them Diligently 365 (Valued at $125)

  • Live Zoom Mentoring Calls With Leslie Nunnery (and David will be on call!) (Valued at $125)

Total Value: $940– All for only $97!!

What You'll Learn in Each Module

Module 1: The Foundation For Heart Schooling

  • As a parent, you were BORN for this!
  • How your definition of homeschooling will fundamentally change the way you approach every element of your day.
  • Understanding your calling will give clarity to your mission.
  • There is a difference between academics and homeschool subjects.
  •  What you need to consider to prepare yourself to be a homeschool teacher on mission.

Module 2: The Relationships Of Heart Schooling

  • Your marriage matters! Never stop prioritizing and investing in it.
  • Work together on your mission and be intentional and present in the lives of your children.
  • Get your children engaged in the mission in whatever way is appropriate at their age and stage.
  • You were NOT created to walk alone. You were created to live in fellowship with others

Module 3: The Nuts and Bolts of Heart Schooling

  • How to set up your homeschool with relationships in mind.
  • What you need to consider as you’re choosing curriculum.
  • How to plan your days with your mission in mind, and the peace that comes with having priorities in place.
  • How to approach learning space and all the things you may or may not need for homeschooling.
  •  What you need to consider when choosing a coop or homeschool group to participate in.

See What Others Are Saying About Heart School...

I’m admittedly going at a snail’s pace, and only just finished the Catalyst vs Calling video and worksheet. I must share something with you this morning. I am a former homeschool student, K-12. I was front row every year at the state homeschool convention. My 5 siblings and I were the picture of a successful homeschool family and all got into excellent colleges with successful careers afterwards. But mama friends, I alone am walking with Jesus mainly because of excellent mentorship in college. My other 5 siblings are living lives that look great to the world, but are not fellowshipping with other believers and definitely not making good choices. This lesson absolutely had me in tears as I long for my siblings to know Jesus but further, that my young children will fall in love with Jesus instead of just doing well academically. Take it from me, capturing and training the heart is so important. Thank you for letting me share my heart this morning!

Much hope and encouragement just from the first lesson “You were born for this!”  I never really thought about it quite like that before. I always thought of homeschooling more as a “calling” but this totally makes sense that God has designed all this from the beginning. 

I also see where I am spiritually growing SO MUCH just by homeschooling my children! Thanks for the encouragement! I’m loving this course already 😍

I am looking forward to turning our homeschooling into heartschooling! ❤ 🤍 What a wonderful way to look at what God has intrusted us with. Blessings to all for putting this together for us. 🙏🏻

I love the worksheets, my husband and I are working through them together. He is deployed right now, but I am able to watch the videos and share with him the takeaways. Thank you for this resource!

“Homeschool subjects”…never thought about it that way before, but I absolutely love it! It reminds me of the quote, “Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work.” I have gotten caught up in “the schedule” – finishing up each subject so we stay on time, starting dinner prep so we can eat on time, etc. Any tips to intentionally slow down so I/we can capture each parenting moment?

I was finally able to start today (I had already read through the emails but hadn’t started the actual course yet) and I have to say I feel such hope after just the first lesson!

Plus.. We have always been a homeschool family from the beginning. I would say yes, we knew we were born for this but it’s SO very easy to become distracted, busy and our focus blurred. Honestly the goals podcast tied in beautifully for our family with the first heart school lesson!! 😍 Love how the Lord orchestrates!!

Much hope and encouragement just from the first lesson “You were born for this!”  I never really thought about it quite like that before. I always thought of homeschooling more as a “calling” but this totally makes sense that God has designed all this from the beginning. 

I had never thought about being born for heart schooling. It did change my outlook because my husband and I believe that homeschooling is so much more than excellent academia, but could never quite verbalize what that looked like practically. Thank you for the encouragement and also for putting words to our heart behind homeschooling our children!

A Note From The Author.


If you’re a homeschooler or considering becoming one, I invite you to join me for Heart School . David and I didn’t have a plan when we started our homeschooling journey 11 years ago, but over time we developed a heart-focused strategy that has helped to determine our academic approach, our curriculum selection, and even shaped our children’s career path. I’ve now got 3 in college, and I’m ready to share that strategy with you, along with an enormous set of resources we’ve compiled, and I’ll even sit down with your virtually to answer your homeschool questions along the way. We want to share these resources with as many families as we can because we understand the incredible stress you’re facing right now. If you’re looking for answers, need, help, want support, or just a shoulder to cry on, Heart School is definitely the place for you!

 We want to help you fully understand God’s plan for your family through home education. 

What makes Biblical homeschooling different from any other form of education? It comes down to parents fully recognizing the privilege of their calling to Teach Their Children Diligently and investing everything they have in intentionally pointing them to Jesus and preparing them in every single way to walk boldly through whatever doors God opens for them in the days ahead.

 Heart school will help you refine your vision of what God has actually called you to do, to find the joy that comes when you wholeheartedly follow Him, and to see how God can grow you AND your children as you do.

Heart Schooling is truly an amazing adventure!

We want to send you back to school this year as a Heart Schooler, not just a homeschooler. 

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