New Digital Book For New And Veteran Christian Homeschool Parents

How Amazing Parents Use Homeschooling

To Build Strong Families Where Children Excel Academically…

...Even If You Have Never Homeschooled Before

Learn how homeschooling that is focused on the hearts of our children enables amazing parents to build strong families where children excel academically and emotionally.

Use This Breakthrough Method…

  • To Teach More While Reducing Stress and Overwhelm,

  • And Strengthen All The Relationships In Your Home .

The Book On This Page Will Show You How
Leslie Nunnery

Co-founder of Teach Them Diligently
with her husband, David
Veteran Homeschool Mother for 13 Years

Dear friend,

Does simplifying your homeschool while
helping your children learn more sound
good to you? How about using
homeschooling as a tool to strengthen
the relationships in your family?

If so, this short book is for you. Learn the simple homeschool method we have taught at Teach Them Diligently that has been transformational for so many families across the country.

Here’s the secret:

No More Switching Curriculum or Planner Systems Every Year,
Or Dealing with Doubt, Fear, and Constant Exhaustion At The End of the Day.
What We Teach in this Short Book is Focused on the Parent not the Student!

When I first started homeschooling…

I followed all the experts and thought the curriculum or co-op or planner system was the most important thing. This resulted in constant doubt, scribbling out tasks in my homeschooler planner, and a sense of dread and failure everyday.

Then I changed my priority in my home to focusing on the heart of my kids, and things changed. Homeschooling felt like the most natural process ever. I was no longer trying to play a role as teacher and mom. I was just mom. Homeschooling was no longer just about class periods, and my children excelled, both in their mind and heart. Learning became fun.

We use curriculum, but it isn’t our master anymore. We’ve found that learning happens whether the curriculum is involved or not. The best description of what I do is to focus on reproducing followers of Christ that will glorify God in everything they do. Simply put,—I committed to being a Heart Schooler.

We have taught Heart Schooling through our events, courses, and membership community for more than 10 years. And it works!

It is simple, but not…

We all need help and encouragement and instruction to do this. Even the most accomplished among us.

Let me show you how to be a Heart Schooler!

This method works no matter what kind of curriculum you use, or teaching-style you employ, or even the learning-style of your children or the age of your kids.

How Would Your Home and Family Change If Every Day Looked Like It Does For Many of the People That Come to Our Events, Take Our Courses, and Join Our Membership Community?
Get Our New Digital Book
Heart School
How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators

This Book is called Heart School Because   

It Will Teach You How To Set Up Your Homeschool With The Hearts Of Your Children in Mind.

You Can Buy It Now

For Only $5

After Reading It, You May Think “These Are My People” And Join Us At One Of Our Events, Or In Our Membership Community, Or, Work Even Closer With Us. Thousands of Families Do Every Year!

Or, Maybe Not.

Either Way, It’s a Good Book that outlines what you need to have the family relationships you have always wanted.

Here's Some Of What You'll Discover Inside
This Brand New Short Book:

The book also includes several self-assessments , homeschool systems, and more to help you get started Heart Schooling.

The Method Works Even If You Don’t Want to Homeschool And Have Felt Forced Into It By Failing Schools

You might be thinking that you are done. You have tried everything, and nothing works. Well before you put your children back on the yellow bus or drop them off at a school all day,

Try This:

The Heart School Method works because it brings your homeschool in line with one simple priority that gives order and clarity to what you are doing.

The Next Thing That Follows Clarity is Always Action and

Our God is a God of Order

It is Time to Take Action in Bringing Order to Your Homeschool
Here's Our Guarantee For Digital Books

Try this book for 1 Full Year

If, for some reason, you don’t find it useful we’ll refund you the full $5

Just send us an email to:
[email protected] and we would be happy to help you! 

Get Your Copy Of
Heart School: How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators

See You On the Inside

Leslie Nunnery

P.S. Recap of this ultra-long page for those of you who hate reading.

  1. We have found a way to alleviate the stress, anxiety, and lack of confidence every homeschool parent struggles with
  2. And trade it for a relationship strengthening system that helps your child excel academically
  3. It is simple and is the best parenting decision I have made for my family
  4. For just $5, you can get the 100-page book I wrote teaching this method
  5. You can try the book for 1 full year. If you don’t like it for whatever crazy reason. I’ll refund you the $5. But, we have never had anyone ask for a refund on Heart School

About The Author

Leslie Nunnery reluctantly started homeschooling in 2010 after thinking she was crazy to even entertain the idea. It didn’t take too long, though before she discovered that homeschooling was the very best choice she could have ever made for her children.

She found her relationships with her kiddos grew stronger. She came to know each of them on a deeper level, and she loved learning right alongside them every single day.

She’s now seen 3 of her children graduate and be accepted into college (and she’s pretty excited about the day when she won’t have 3 in college at the same time!) Her youngest is now a sophomore in high school.

Through the years, Leslie and her family have ministered to homeschool families through Teach Them Diligently events and by producing resources to help keep them focused on what really matters even as they equip them to do their job better and with more confidence each day.

She’s authored 2 books and 2 courses, thousands of articles and video workshops, and has spoken at a myriad of events across the country.

Above all, Leslie loves God with all her heart, loves her family deeply, and loves serving others each day by pointing them to the truths found in scripture and helping them apply those truths to their family life day by day.

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