Homeschooling Dads- Interview With Darren Jones of HSLDA | 3

Leslie is joined by Darren Jones of HSLDA to discuss many ways for dad to be involved in the homeschooling efforts of your family. Whether you are the primary home educator, or “the principal” of your homeschool, Darren has some great ideas and practical tips for you! Moms and dads at all stages of their homeschool journey will benefit from tuning in as you will find lots of great ideas to incorporate right where you are.

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A homeschool graduate, Darren Jones received his J.D. from Oak Brook College of Law. He first came to work for HSLDA as a legal assistant. As a litigation attorney, Darren assists Jim Mason in preparing cases and defending members who are experiencing legal difficulty. He also works with homeschool support groups, assisting them with legal issues. Darren and his wife Sara have four children, whom they homeschool together: Addi, Stuart, Daphne and Phillip.  Register now to hear Darren Jones speak at Teach Them Diligently Nashville and Columbus 2020.

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