Creation to Revelation | 127

Today we are joined by Joie Harber from Creation to Revelation. She and her husband run a ministry that’s all about simplifying and amplifying Bible teaching, and they have some really amazing resources to help your family do just that. The story behind how God got their ministry started is awesome, and we cannot wait for you to hear it. 

Talk about good news. A video current events program has arrived to instill news literacy and Biblical discernment in your family. Prepare to learn about the world and be reminded of who made it. It turns out that watching the news can be fun. This is the stuff streams are made of. But you’ll never know unless you try. Start your free, 30-day trial at You can even access our app for seamless streaming. WORLD News has created a new code with a special offer only for TTD audience. Use code TTD at checkout, you’ll receive 75% off the first month of WORLD Watch (after a 7-day free trial). 

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