Well Said: The Journey to Healing, Forgiveness, and Stronger Relationships | 251

In this episode of the Homeschooling Families podcast, Leslie Nunnery interviews Sarah Molitor, a mother of seven and an author of children’s books. They discuss various aspects of family life, including dealing with different stages of parenting, the joy of children, and the challenges of using words for forgiveness and reconciliation. Sarah Molitor shares her personal journey and how she came to write children’s and adult books. The conversation emphasizes the importance of using words to build strong family relationships and offers practical advice on forgiveness and reconciliation.

Meet The Guest:

Sarah Molitor is a wife, mom to seven kids, and author. She has a passion for serving others and enjoys authentically and consistently engaging with her growing social media community, where she encourages, challenges, and inspires women daily. Sarah connects with individuals all over the world, frequently sharing bits of her family, home, and everyday life. Sarah loves candy (but dislikes chocolate) and finds extra joy in photography and baking.

Have you ever had moments when your words have gotten the better of you?

Maybe you knew how much something would hurt, but you said it anyway because it felt good in the moment. Maybe you’re fighting a habit of complaining or yelling, when you really want to be a person who speaks with kindness and patience. Or maybe you stay silent because you’re never quite sure what to say. Whatever your “maybe” may be, you are in the right place. As a wife, mom, and the creator of the popular Modern Farmhouse Family Instagram, Sarah Molitor has learned firsthand that yes, words can hurt—but they can also help and heal.

In Well Said, she uses authentic, relatable stories paired with Biblical truth to help readers

  • Use their words to create grace-filled, positive relationships
  • Develop a healthy, balanced approach to social media (and find their wisdom filter)
  • Feel equipped to use words to forgive and reconcile differences so they can live freely and fully . . . and so much more.

Well Said helps you explore what it means to speak words that direct you to the very heart of Jesus. Sarah will be the trusted friend who walks alongside you, encouraging you to discover God’s true desire for the words we speak every day.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Introduction to her book “Well Said” and its focus on communication in relationships.
  • The Catalyst for “Well Said” The importance of change and transformation in life and the idea of staying stuck versus pursuing growth.
  • Introduction to the book and its goal to encourage better communication and relationships.
  • How involving children in improving communication makes it more effective.
  • The necessity of forgiveness and reconciliation in addressing communication challenges.
  • Joy and motivation from witnessing personal and family growth.

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