Unveiling the Truth: Choosing Curriculum Aligned with Biblical Principles | 264

In this conversation, Leslie Nunnery and Angela O’Dell discuss the importance of homeschooling with a Biblical worldview. Angela shares her journey into homeschooling and how God led her to create history and math curricula. They emphasize the need for parents to choose curriculum that aligns with the truth of the Bible and teaches children about Jesus. They also discuss the impact of homeschooling on future generations and the importance of having difficult conversations to build a strong foundation of faith.  

Meet The Guest:

Angela is a veteran homeschooler, who loves to invest in the lives of homeschooling families. She is the author of the America’s Story 1-3, The World’s Story 1-3, and the Math Lessons for a Living Education series, all of which are published through Master Books, and the creator/producer of the popular podcast show, Real Cool History for Kids. She holds certifications in Child Development and Family Biblical Life Coach, and Mental Health Coaching with a special focus on adolescence through the teen years, and a Master Level Certification in Leadership Coaching. She recently launched Courageous Identity – Teen Edition, which focuses on discipling homeschooling families by helping them to establish good spiritual and mental health practices in their home. Angela’s ultimate passion is teaching and training hearts and minds to find the answers for our generation in the never changing truth of God and His Word.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Homeschooling provides an opportunity to teach children with a biblical worldview. 
  • It is important to choose curriculum that aligns with the truth of the Bible and teaches children about Jesus. 
  • Homeschooling has a generational impact, as parents are training the future parents of their grandchildren. 
  • Difficult conversations and challenges to faith are necessary for building a strong foundation. Parents need to have solid answers to their children’s questions and should be in God’s Word daily to gain wisdom and understanding. 
  • Studying the Bible together as a family can deepen faith and provide opportunities for growth and discussion. 
  • Sharing wisdom and experiences with younger moms is important to help them navigate the challenges of parenting. 
  • Angela’s books, America’s Story and World Stories, provide valuable resources for teaching history from a biblical perspective. 

Additional Resources:

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