This week, we’ll be praying for the believers in Afghanistan, which is a restricted nation for believers.

Þ Taste—Afghan cuisine is a blend of various regional and cultural influences, including Persian, Indian, and Central Asian. It features flavorful dishes made with herbs, spices, and meats, such as kebabs, pilaf, and dumplings. Afghan food also includes vegetarian and vegan options, such as lentil soup and pumpkin dishes. Try some of these awesome Afghan recipes!

Þ   See— As you and your family are praying for Afghanistan this week, watch this video by Geography Now! Which goes over all things Afghani! Watch it here! 

Þ   Find—Find Afghanistan on your map and mark it as a place you’re praying for all week. If you’re looking for a good scratch-off map for Taste and See, check out this one! 

Þ   Pray– Let’s pray specifically for Christians in Afghanistan. We should pray for persecuted Christians in Afghanistan to find strength and courage in their faith, and for their safety and protection from harm. May they be surrounded by God’s love and comfort, and may their oppressors have a change of heart and come to know the truth of God’s love for all people.


Your family can find more details about Afghanistan and learn how you can pray 

specifically for Afghani believers in your Global Prayer Guide. Then, you can journal specific things you found to pray for to have a reminder of this prayer journey you’re on together. Go to to get your own free Global Prayer Guide from The Voice of the Martyrs today!

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