Takeaways from 25 Years of Marriage | 202

Today is a BIG day for David and Leslie. It’s their 25th anniversary! Since this episode falls directly on their big silver anniversary, they thought it would be fun to chat about some things we’ve discovered since we got married and to share some practical takeaways that we hope will be insightful and helpful for you no matter what year of marriage you’re on.  

This episode is heavy on practical insight from two imperfect people who’ve grown to love each other more with each passing year by the grace of God. 

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Topics Covered in this Episode: 

  • The power of prioritizing your marriage.
  • How living in understanding way with someone very different from you can change your perspective and improve your relationship.
  • True forgiveness is an integral part of a healthy life and a healthy relationship.
  • The importance of avoiding power struggles.
  • And, the unexpected glue that holds all these things together. 

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