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Real Moms– Homeschool Rest, Featuring Renita Bentz-Miller

Sure, we are all familiar with the verse “come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”. Yes, this is certainly true. Yet, I find it hard to put it into daily practice in my homeschooling endeavors, especially in this busy season of homeschooling highschoolers. What are the things that […]

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There Are Enough Hours… | 14

This week, we’re going to talk about time– how much we have, how we spend it, and how valuable each moment really is. Plus, we’ll look at some common distractions and some great strategies to avoid them. Additional Resources Take the time to do a time inventory. Watch this video to see how I did […]

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Finding Balance in Your Homeschooling Journey

Speaker: Eujeana Chism God has given us many relationships and responsibilities and keeping them in balance is tricky while we homeschool. We need His grace and some good planning to help guide us as we educate our children. We will discuss prioritizing relationships and responsibilities, home management, grocery shopping and meal prep, organization and homeschooling. […]

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Standing Strong When I Am Weak

When we feel that God is calling us to do a difficult work, we can be sure that he will use it to bless and encourage us as well as teach us a few things. Arguably, homeschooling is one of the most difficult tasks one can undertake, but the blessings are boundless! A wonderful “side-effect” of teaching and training our children is that we learn how unable we as mothers are. By learning that we are weak in ourselves, we have the opportunity to see how God is our strength.

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How Do You Do It All? Balancing Family Life and Home Business in the Real World

Home business blends well with homeschooling, but it can also create frustration, exhaustion, and chaos. You may be paralyzed by an overwhelming to-do list and become trapped in a crisis-management approach to life. As a single homeschooling mom with four sons and a home business, Mary Jo Tate knows just how hard the challenges can be! She shares encouragement and powerful strategies to help you move past the juggling act and find balance so you, your family, and your business can flourish.

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There are lessons to learn simply from making bread. This week, we’re going to talk about what it means to be over-kneaded by taking a closer look at the bread-making process.

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