Quick Start Guide For Your New Homeschool Year | 22

‘Tis the season to head into homeschool or back to homeschool, and there are some pretty easy ways to make sure that you have the best school year ever. Today, we’ll discuss 3 of those ways to set your heart and your course for this new school year– and I promise it will set you up for the best homeschool year ever!

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  • Need a little encouragement to get your Day Started? This article contains a printable with some verses that may be “just what the doctor ordered.” 🙂 Day Starters- Scriptures To Start Your Day Off Right https://bit.ly/2u02L7K
  • Now it’s your turn! Take a few minutes to think through and write down your own thoughts on important elements for your family and homeschool. Sometimes all it takes to have a much better homeschool year is to make a few small changes and to get a clearer perspective of what’s truly non-negotiable for your family. Take a few minutes to think through and write down what you believe are your three “Quick Start” elements that will help you get off to the best start and to have the best homeschool year ever! There were three ideas given in this week’s podcast that may make perfect sense to you. Still take the time to write them down and note what they would look like in your home and homeschool.
  • Praying for your children more strategically may be exactly what needs to be a non-negotiable for the start of this year. I’d love to help you with that! Sign up for our free Praying for your Children email series by clicking here.



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