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You Really Can Teach Math

Listen to Kelly Becton as she shares how God called her to homeschool and that includes math class. She shares about her special needs adopted child. Kelly also shares how important the atmosphere is – no matter what subject we are teaching. Listen Now

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Is Teaching Math Making Your and Your Child Cry

Insight to a wonderful curriculum that will encourage your students in math instead of discouraging them. Having a good foundation from the beginning is vital for your child to be successful throughout their education. Listen Now

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Top Ten Myths About Homeschooling Math

How can we know if the mathematical methods we are using will achieve the desired results in our students? In this workshop, Tom Clark will expose ten common myths about teaching math, and then counter those myths with solid, practical help for parents. You will also leave with a checklist of items which can be used to determine the best math course for your students.

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Beauty and Reason for Mathematics

Most people are not neutral in their feelings towards mathematics.  Either they like it, or they hate it. Join us to see how all of math from arithmetic to calculus can be summarized in three simple charts.   You will walk away being able to see the big picture of mathematics with the perspective that math was created by God, revealing another piece of His picture.

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