Homeschool Family Favorites Top 10 Elementary Grammar Curriculums

Homeschool Family Favorites is one of the best tools available when it comes to finding a curriculum for your homeschool. Possibly, the best quality of our Guide is that the top curriculum was not chosen by us (Teach Them Diligently). Actually, we compiled a list of all of the best curriculums based on your votes! We have tallied the votes from thousands of responses we received for this year and are now delivering our top homeschool curriculums for each subject and grade level.  

Again, this list is not Teach Them Diligently advocating for any particular curriculum company. This list was chosen by you—the users of the curriculum. It is also important to remember that the winners of the Homeschool Family Favorites Award are the top 3 vote-getters in any particular category.  

Homeschool Parents across the country have voted and made this amazing list for you. We know this list will be incredibly helpful to your homeschool family. Check out the full Homeschool Family Favorites here! We have over 40 lists for each subject broken down by Elementary, Middle School, and High School.  

When beginning a new school year one constant stress point for every homeschool parent is which curriculum to use? We at Teach Them Diligently have tried to alleviate some of that stress by putting together our 2023 Homeschool Family Favorites. We polled homeschol parents across the US and asked for them to vote for their favorite curriculum and what we have ended up with is an exhaustive list of the best curriculum. So if you find yourself asking “What is the best Elementary Grammar” or “What Elementary Grammar should I use”, this list will be a massive help.  

Without further ado let’s jump into our three winners… 


Homeschool Family Favorites Winners  


Fix it Grammar- IEW 


Fix it Grammar walks your children through daily passages all part of one narrative that will help your children to spot the mistakes. It is designed to build a solid foundation for them to succeed at later levels and is a great curriculum to walk your child through the process of fixing errors in their own grammar. Each lesson it walks you through how to spot that lessons error and how to correct it then gives you a chance to put it into practice.  


Easy Grammar 

 With daily 5-10 minute lessons this curriculum will walk your child through the basics of grammar with easy to figure out worksheets each day. As you go through the curriculum you will see that Easy Grammar takes its time to give your child time to truly learn the information. Making sure each concept is mastered before having you move on.  


Language Lessons for a Living Education 


Language Lessons for a Living Education provides short engaging lessons for everyday. These lessons will give your children a blend of stories, copywork, oral narration and hands on experience to bring the concepts of grammar to life. They have written this curriculum with your schedule in mind making it very simple to switch things up how you need to and making lesson prep very simple.   


4-10 Elementary Grammar Curriculums  


Ranked #4 
The Good and The Beautiful 


Ranked #5  
Ranked #6 
Rod and Staff 
Ranked #7 
BJU Press  
Ranked #8  
Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind 
Ranked #9  
Using Language Well by Simply Charolette Mason 
Ranked #10  
Gather Round Homeschool 

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