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Rediscovering Our Great Christian Heritage

Speaker: Darren A. Jones Many homeschooled students have detailed knowledge of the history of the United States, its Founding Fathers, and the Constitution’s principles. But do they know the history of the Church and Christianity? Rediscover 2,000 years of heritage and practice of the faith. Listen Now

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Parents, YOUR Worldview is Vital – Your Kids are Watching!

Speaker: Roger Wheelock The church in America is being pummeled today because Christians have not been taught to battle the ideas that come against the knowledge of God (2 Cor. 10:4-5). In support of that statement, consider these facts: 1. The church is not only NOT taking ground back from the enemy in the culture […]

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Thinking Foundationally – The Revelance of Genesis

Speaker: Ken Ham This Keynote develops how to equip generations with the correct foundation and worldview to be able to impact secularists, the church and the culture with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. How do we witness in a world where we are confronted with a gender revolution, abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, […]

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Rethink Your Influence– An Interview WIth Lisa Schmidt

God’s Word commands us to be involved in the lives of those He puts in our paths. He talks very clearly about the older women investing in and mentoring the younger women. This week, let’s look together at these Titus 2 relationships and talk very practically about how they start and why they’re so important […]

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