Building the Church with Mike and Ariel Tyson | 15

Today we will discuss what it looks like to be a family on mission with this couple who were called to start a church in Montana. We’ll be talking about specific ways God leads His own, how to involve your children in the mission, and practical ways to become a family on mission.

Here is how Ariel describes herself on her blog!

  • As a daughter of the King, I love sharing my faith and all that my Savior is teaching me.
  • As a church planting wife, my heart will always be tilted toward ministry to people and I have gained insight from fellow pastor’s wives on this journey. There is so much that I wish women had shared with me earlier on.
  • As a mama to 5 little boys in 6 years, I love writing about parenting, how our ministry life affects my boys, and how we’re all learning and growing together.
  • As a wife and counseling professor, marriage and the sacredness of it will always play a vital role in my life and writing.
  • Because I am a writer who lives in Montana, I will share little things about my life in general in this beautiful state, including pictures of my little family out and about and how we do life here.
  • Holistic health also plays a major role in my journey and I love to share that here and on my Instagram wellness account: @arielchristineessentials

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