Spreading Joy and Faith through Operation Christmas Child: The Power of Multiplication | 246

In this heartwarming episode of the Homeschooling Families podcast, Leslie Nunnery welcomes Tina Morel, the regional manager in Southern Africa for Operation Christmas Child. Tune in to hear inspiring stories of how this incredible ministry is changing lives, one shoebox at a time. Discover the power of multiplication as children like Thando Jali, Golden Mutale Mwamba, and Shawn experience the love of Jesus and become passionate evangelists in their communities. Learn how your family can get involved and make a lasting impact through Operation Christmas Child.

Meet The Guest:

We are privileged to be joined by Tiana, who is joining us today all the way from South Africa to share about the power of multiplication as you participate in spreading joy and the good news of Jesus’ love for others through Operation Christmas Child. 

Additional Resources:

National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child is coming up November 13-20, and you can get all the details about how your family can participate in this ministry by clicking HERE

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Overview of Operation Christmas Child
  • Tiana’s Favorite Part of Working with Operation Christmas Child
  • Multiplication of Faith and Impact
  • Encouraging Involvement with Operation Christmas Child

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