Serving Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters in Nigeria | 241

In this episode of the Homeschooling Families podcast, Leslie Nunnery welcomes Judd Saul from Equipping the Persecuted to shed light on the dire situation faced by persecuted Christians in Nigeria. Discover the shocking statistics, hear firsthand accounts, and learn how your family can make a difference by praying, donating, or even considering a mission trip. Join us for this eye-opening discussion on how to support and serve our persecuted brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

Meet The Guest:

Judd Saul is a family man, award-winning documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, and missionary who embarked on a call to action in Nigeria in 2011. He and his wife Sherry have 5 children, all witnessing the vision unfold when Grandfather Duane Wessels invited Judd to join him on a mission trip. The trip changed Judd’s life forever. He realized the stark reality, of the risk and sacrifice facing these people, and a burden was placed on his heart for the lost and persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Impact on daily life for Nigerian believers 
  • Understanding the reasons behind the persecution in Nigeria 
  • How Equipping the Persecuted provides aid and support 
  • The significance of serving persecuted Christians as part of our faith 
  • How believers can be involved to support persecuted Christians

Additional Resources:

  • Find out more about Equipping the Persecuted HERE

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