Safe Media for Children | 216

Today we are covering a really important topic as Chris Gonzales is here to talk to us about the dangers of current children’s media and the dangers those pose for our kiddos.   

We are excited for you to hear from Chris today and to glean from his experience. All of our children are exposed to media day in and day out, so as a parent, you can’t afford to miss this conversation. 

Meet the Guest:

After 19 years in law-enforcement, including fourteen years as a Special Agent in the FBI, Chris Gonzales realized the greatest war we are in is for the hearts and minds of our youth. As a Christian, husband, father, pastor and apologist, Chris realized youth are being ministered to hours and hours a day through the very screens and devices schools and parents provide them, and he set out to create a safe place for children and their parents—and Good Tube Kids was the result. 

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • The dangers of current children’s media particularly YouTube and YouTube Kids.
  • The dangers of social media.
  • How parents can protect their children physically, emotionally and spiritually in the digital age.
  • How GoodTube Kids is a safe solution from streaming content for parents.
  • Why Chris left the FBI and believe the biggest threat we face is for the hearts and minds of our children (this especially includes those 8 to 18 years of age). 

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