Navigating Catalysts and Calling: Avoiding Idolatry in Homeschooling | 229

On today’s podcast, David and Leslie Nunnery are addressing an important topic in homeschooling. A couple of years ago, they did an episode called “Catalysts vs. Calling” (linked below). That episode has been listened to and shared quite a bit since then. In that episode, David mentioned that sometimes your catalyst can become an idol—and even begin to suck the life out of you. On today’s episode, David and Leslie will revisit that idea and talk more specifically about that aspect of “Catalysts vs. Calling”, because we believe that it will be really helpful as you’re embarking on a brand new school year—and for some of you, your very first homeschool year. 

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • The Catalysts vs. Calling Concept
  • The Danger of Catalysts Becoming Idols
  • Signs to Watch For
  • Nurturing a Healthy Perspective
  • Finding Balance and Purpose
  • Practical Steps to Overcoming Idolatry  

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