Morning Moments: Navigating Homeschool Bliss with Morning Time | 254

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about morning time, that cherished ritual that sets the stage for your entire day, bringing families together, and nurturing relationships that stand the test of time. Our special guest, Vanessa Pebley, shares her insight and experience on making morning time work for all ages and stages, offering a warm and encouraging perspective that every homeschooling family can relate to. 

Meet the Guest:

Vanessa is a wife and mother to 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl), their ages ranging from teen to toddler. Vanessa loves Jesus, books, and Diet Dr. Pepper. She has been homeschooling for 9 years.

Morning Time is a powerful tool for a Heart Schooling Parent, because it lends itself so well to understanding the hearts and learning styles of your children as well as affording amazing opportunities for conversation and relationship-building. All those things and more are integral to the Heart Schooling paradigm I teach in my new book. “Heart School, How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators”, can be purchased on our website, and I really encourage you to pick up a copy today. In it, you’ll not only get actionable insight on how to set up your own Heart School, but you’ll also be able to work through evaluations to see where you are today. I pray it’s an incredible resource for your family. Learn more about Heart School HERE.  

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Morning time in homeschooling: An intentional gathering of the family for shared learning and topics.
  • The anchor of the homeschool day: Morning time provides cohesion and togetherness to the family’s routine.
  • Starting small: Begin with a simple routine and gradually build upon it.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Morning time can be tailored to different family dynamics and seasons of motherhood.
  • Consistency is key: Establish a habit of coming together regularly.
  • Getting to know your children: Morning time reveals the hearts and minds of your kids and uncovers hidden talents.
  • Fostering meaningful discussions: Engaging in discussions during morning time encourages critical thinking and understanding.
  • Aligning with your family’s vision and mission: Implement morning time in a way that reflects your unique homeschooling goals and priorities.


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