Keeping Homeschooling Simple, With Steve Lambert | 23

Sometimes we lose our way because we take our eyes off why we’re doing what we’re doing as well as how high the stakes and how great the opportunities really are. On today’s podcast, we’ll be chatting with homeschool pioneer and publisher of Five in a Row, Steve Lambert, about what he’s learned about homeschooling and parenting through the years.

Additional Resources:

• Learn more about Five in a Row by visiting their website.

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• For TTD365 members, I encourage you to check out Karen Debeus’ workshop about Simplifying HomeschoolI can’t work with all this clutter! Where did I put the math lessons? My supplies? Why are our school days never smooth like everyone else’s? Chicken nuggets for dinner AGAIN? Sound familiar? In this workshop Karen will help you get a handle on your homeschool, by simplifying. Learn to get rid of clutter that can physically and mentally disrupt your homeschool; most importantly, get rid of anything that distracts us from putting God first in your homeschool.

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