It Literally Changed Our Family

I’m so excited to tell you about a new book David has written. I’ve seen God change him in countless ways as he has studied and implemented the habits in his own life that he teaches in the Transform Journal.

Over the last few years, God has taken David through the depths and while he was there, God showed him the transformative power of thanksgiving in daily life. God literally took the most difficult season of our marriage and made much of it as He taught David through His Word countless ways a grateful heart changes everything. 

Being a writer and historian by nature, David researched and studied to see if what he was experiencing was just God’s graciousness to us or if there was more to it. And, what he discovered will transform your own heart, your marriage, the way you see the world, the way you parent and more. I promise you that, for it fundamentally changed our family as God transformed David and as he taught us all that he was learning.

Yesterday, we launched our new website for our new Journal on the Thanksgiving Psalms. 

But, we need your help in getting this project across the finish line.

When you go to the webpage for Transform Journals, you’ll notice that there is a $7,000 goal and tracker and levels. The funding campaign ends on Nov. 30th, but please don’t wait.  

Our prayer is that we get to the goal in the first 48 hours. Please help us reach this goal and then join us in prayer and by sharing the project with your friends and family. You can see even how we are doing by watching the tracker on the shop page

This is a 40 day journal that promises to help you build a habit and posture of thanksgiving. 

It includes in-depth teaching on Biblical Thanksgiving and history behind each one of the Thanksgiving Psalms. This could be your Bible Curriculum or simply become your guide for Family Devotions for the new year. 

But, the real engine for this 40 day study is the questions which help you apply thanksgiving as King David did to his life.

How powerful would it be in your family relationships to cultivate a heart of thanksgiving together!!?? 

Purchase options include buying one journal or two or enough for the entire family (5). (Yes, you can do multiple orders, and you might need to if you have a large enough family.)  We also offer a leather Legacy Journal. And, for those of you that truly want to dive deep into Biblical thanksgiving, David is even hosting a limited mastermind group on thanksgiving starting in the New Year that you can participate in. 

In-depth descriptions are on the pages, but if you have any questions, simply reply to this email or go to the contact form on the website. 

During this initial pre-order stage until Nov. 30th, 2020, we will be offering free standard domestic shipping as a thank you for helping us finish this project.

Christmas Delivery?? Getting the Journals to you by Christmas will be tight because of the Holiday Shipping and Print Time. I am just not sure we can get the journals on your doorstep by Christmas. However, if this is a Christmas Gift, we are working on a representation that can be presented as a gift if we miss Christmas Day. You will be able to start daily devotions by the New Year in the Journals.

What Happens if we miss the goal?  We don’t expect to miss the goal but if we do, everyone will receive either a full refund or we will take a loss and produce the journals anyway because we are so convinced of the importance of the content contained in them. 

The journals are based off of 40 days and they are meant to help you establish routines and reflexes that will have ripple effects in your family relationships and your walk with God.

Thanksgiving is mentioned in the Bible more than 160 times, and it is talked about most often by David in the Psalms and Paul in his Epistles. 

Please pre-order your Transform Journal today by clicking below. The web address is

I absolutely cannot WAIT for you to see these journals and see how God will change your heart and your family through them!

Hear David’s heart for the Transform Journal, and pre-order your copy today at

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