Inconvenient Parenting: Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Genius | 286

Welcome to the Teach Them Diligently podcast, where we explore the world of homeschooling and parenting with a focus on biblical principles and practical insights. Today, we are thrilled to have Melissa Hannigan, a homeschool mom and author, as our guest speaker. In this episode, Leslie Nunnery and Melissa delve into the concept of “Inconvenient Parenting” and how it can help nurture your child’s inner genius. Melissa shares her journey of embracing inconvenient parenting and cultivating the 12 genius qualities in her children. She discusses how she discovered these qualities through non-Christian research and applied them from a biblical perspective.

Melissa also shares the impact of inconvenient parenting on her family, including the tragedy they faced and how God’s faithfulness sustained them. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and embracing the unique qualities of each child and creating a family culture that reflects God’s design. Tune in to discover practical tips on how to incorporate Dr. Armstrong’s research into your parenting journey while embracing the beauty of God’s design for your family. 

Meet the Guest:

Melissa Hannigan holds a Master’s of Arts degree in counseling from Midwestern Theological Seminary. She is wife to John Hannigan. They have been married for 18 years and have four children. Before becoming a full-time homeschool mom, Melissa has worked with teen girls to overcome abuse, addictions, and trauma. She is passionate about helping people discover God’s best for their lives and their families. Together with John, Melissa is a Co-Founder of Ignite the Family, and released her first book in August 2023. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Inconvenient parenting involves choosing the hard and messy path in the short term for the long-term benefit of our children. 
  • Applying non-Christian research from a biblical perspective allows us to discern what is good and align it with God’s truth. 
  • Understanding and embracing the unique qualities of each child is essential for their growth and development. 
  • Finding joy in the midst of trials is possible through God’s presence and faithfulness. 

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