Identity Facilitates Purpose | 97

Your identity and your children’s identity is under attack like we’ve not experienced before, and if parents don’t help their children define where their identity lies, society will. On today’s podcast, Leslie and David will discuss the importance of truly understanding your identity and how that understanding will give you great insight in how you can live out your purpose.

For many of the families, whether they are new to homeschooling or have been doing it for a long time, they find themselves completely at a loss and even a little (or a lot) scared from time to time– are they doing it right, are they doing enough, why are they even trying?

Because of those and a thousand other conversations Leslie has had through the years, she put together a curriculum of sorts to help homeschool families fully grasp the amazing call and privilege God has given them. Can you even imagine what would happen if the thousands of homeschool families who know our Great God would really key into the mission behind what God has called them to do– our world would be changed for sure as God’s people passed their faith on to their children, encouraged one another to engage in the mission in their own communities, and more. So, we invite you to join Leslie Nunnery for Heart School. In that class, you will look at everything from foundation of why you would heart school, to the relationships impacted by it… to how a heartschooler approaches the nuts and bolts like choosing curriculum, planning our days, and more. We believe God will use this to change the thinking– and maybe even the path- of all who tune in.


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