2020 Heart School Scholarship Program

Do you sense that you are missing something with this whole homeschooling thing? Others seem to have it all together, but you still seem to be struggling with doubts about what you’re doing and whether you’re doing enough or even capable enough.

Are you tired of being frazzled, disorganized, and always feeling like you’re neglecting something… Or of losing your way by October every year?

Do you wish your family functioned more lovingly, more smoothly,  and more like you thought you would when you became a homeschooler?

Guess What… It CAN!

After heartschooling for many, many years, I can promise you that you are going to find that this is an approach to homeschooling that changes EVERYTHING for the families who use it. Heart Schooling…

  • Gives purpose to your days…
  • Strengthens all relationships within your family…
  • Makes decision-making much easier…
  • Gives your children a solid foundation for their future…
  • Instills character through “homeschool subjects”…
  • Provides greater clarity as it gives more direction to your daily activities
  • Diminishes feelings of guilt by bringing everything under the umbrella of your mission
  • Replaces distraction with vision…
The anchors we discuss in the Heart School Class will help you stay on course when the days get long and difficult, and we want to give you a couple of different ways to access it either free or at a discount. Keep scrolling for details!

You Need This Class!

Heart School is a class that every Christian homeschooling family will benefit from– whether you are just starting homeschool or you’ve been homeschooling for years. This class will focus you in on the mission you were given the moment you became a parent, and it will refine your vision of how home education can be one of the greatest tools you’ll ever find for completing that mission.

I stand in awe almost every day as my now almost-grown children display a genuine love for God and people through their lives. It’s a joy that is truly inexpressible. Looking back, I can see so clearly how God blessed simple steps of obedience. Most of these simple steps we didn’t even fully realize we were taking at the time. But we were laser focused on our mission all the time, and God directed us every step of the way.

It is David and my desire and daily prayer that your family will get to the end of your high school years also standing in awe of how God used heart schooling to strengthen your family, strengthen your faith, and better prepare your children for life than you would have ever dreamed possible.

We Want To Make It Available For You.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the life-giving principles covered in this class, and we know that working through this material and taking the time to think through the questions posed in the worksheets included with each lesson can transform your family in ways you would have never imagined possible.

If you add on Teach Them Diligently 365 to this class, you’ll not only get the benefit of all that’s contained in Heart School, but you’ll also get access to over 2,000 additional audio and video resources, weekly teaching that will take you deeper in your Christian walk and in your pursuit of teaching your children diligently. Plus, you’ll be plugged into a vibrant community of likeminded homeschoolers who are there to encourage and challenge you each and every day of the year.

So, we are offering you the chance to win a scholarship to Heart School and Teach Them Diligently 365– because we believe strongly that is the ideal combination to strengthen your family, your faith, and your resolve to follow God’s plan for your life.

Everything You Need to Know To Apply For The Scholarship.

  • What is it? Complimentary access to Heart School.
  • How can you apply? Apply with a written comment below. Yes, it must be public. No email entries will count. We aren’t limiting the length of your comments, so we encourage you to take the time to really think through your answers.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to comment, and be sure that when you comment, you use a name you’ll recognize when we announce winners.
  • We’ll award a handful of scholarship seats. A specific number is not predetermined, but we will base it on the number of entries received. (If you have already purchased Heart School when we award the scholarships, we’ll refund that purchase if you win, so go ahead and get started!! I promise you’ll be glad you did!)
  • The entry deadline is Friday, August 28th  at 3pm eastern and the recipients will be announced on Monday, August 31st by 5pm eastern.
  • No purchase is necessary to receive a scholarship.
  • We’re the judges and our decision is subjective and final. We will approach the decision through prayer that God will lead us to choose the family or families that need it most.
  • Remember: We’re looking for authenticity, creativity, and honesty. We really look forward to getting insight into your heart for your family.

The Questions You’ll Need To Answer.

  1. What’s your biggest struggle with homeschooling and why?
  2. Why did your family decide to homeschool?
  3. If admission to Heart School landed in your lap, how would you hope it will help your family? What tangible, specific difference would a change in your vision and approach to homeschooling and parenting make to you and those around you?

Are You Ready To Join Heart School Now?

Click here to get more details and sign up now. You’ll have instant and forever access to the course– and we’ve even added an easy access button in our app to allow you to enjoy the course straight from your phone or Ipad.

33 Responses

  1. My biggest homeschooling struggle is maintaining a right balance between school, family, marriage, and other activities. We decided to homeschool because we felt it was the best use of our time with our kids, especially during the younger years. If I was able to take the Heart School class, I would look forward to learning how to better balance my roles as wife, mom and homeschooler for the glory of God.

  2. I am looking forward to renewing our zeal for homeschooling. It’s so easy to caught up in the academics and let discipleship fall to the wayside! Thank you for this great resource and opportunity for growth and encouragement.

  3. My biggest struggle is making sure I am discipling and still covering school subjects well. Sometimes we get more discipling than subjects or vice versa. I just want to keep it balanced.

    We homeschooled, because God kept taking away all my work opportunities. It forced me into homeschooling, which I was against, but now I love it.

    I look forward to the reference, Scripture, and practical advice that will help me keep it all balanced with eternity in view.

  4. We have homeschooled from the beginning to disciple our children, yet this often gets lost in the pursuit of academics and the busyness of life. I am excited about “Heart Schooling” because homeschooling is so much more than academics. This course will help me to refocus and find the right balance of discipling my children while preparing them academically.

  5. My biggest struggle with homeschooling is motivation, or rather, the lack thereof. For my part, I think fear of failing my son and comparing myself to other homeschooling moms causes me to just give up. And, I suppose, that causes my little boy to just not care about learning.

    We had decided to homeschool long before the health crisis. We don’t like what worldly schools are teaching and pushing on children. We want a Christ-centered, God-honoring education for our boy. I believe that God intended for us to be the primary teachers of our children.

    I pray that the Heart School will help us to live our homeschool lifestyle to the fullest. That my husband will be more willing to participate in educating and discipling our son. This would help us to enjoy learning more, from the Lord and from each other. So exciting!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!😀

  6. I think my biggest struggle is consistency. And balancing spontaneous fun with getting things done. With several ages!
    We decided to homeschool to give our children consistency, a solid, Godly foundation, and be able to sense the needs of each child individually and school them according to the needs and interests of each one.
    I think this course would help me focus on my children’s heart and character while at the same time preparing them academically. I don’t want to just raise “brain smart” kids but children who have hearts that belong to the Lord.

  7. This is happening at the perfect time! My biggest struggle is remaining steadfast the during difficult days.
    I look forward to the encouragement and focus this course will supply to help me stay committed and remind me what a privilege this is.

  8. Hi! My two biggest struggles are consistency in doing school & maintaining a schedule and not looking at what other families are doing too much.
    We really were just led into homeschooling; I had been thinking about it for a while & then had an opportunity to pull my kids out of a little preschool they were in when my husband took a temp job out of state & we went with him. It was the perfect time to give it a shot and we decided to continue on!
    I want to be encouraged to just enjoy my kids, love on them, and truly pour into them in a way that does work on their education but even more so gives them life skills and a wealth of Biblical knowledge that will all make sense when the Lord saves them in His perfect timing. I’m having to transition from a traditional school background to the freedom that homeschool gives & I just need help in taking advantage of that- more so to be encouraged to just go for it & delight in it! I know it’s their heart that truly matters but when we get into the actual day of school it’s like I forget that & just get too zoned in on just getting our work done or even having to work on discipline throughout school time that it is discouraging. But, I see the potential of how wonderful homeschooling can be & so I’m praying that this year I will get to have more of that!! So, if heart schooling classes bring me more into the help & concepts to keep in mind for our school it will be great!!

    1. Madison, Thank you so much for sharing your heart! You have won a scholarship to Heart School. Check your inbox for instructions about setting that up. I look forward to getting to know you in the days ahead. 🙂 ~Leslie

  9. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with homeschooling and why?
    I am a newbie to homeschooling, just beginning to find my wings and take off. As a new homeschooler, I don’t know yet what my biggest struggle will be, but if I look at my everyday struggles, I think it will be a good foreshadowing of what’s to come. I’ve always struggled in the area of consistency and discipline, and I fear that this will translate into my homeschooling. Conversely, I’ve also struggled with perfectionism and I don’t want to see myself falling into that trap either. But probably the biggest area the Lord has convicted me of lately is how quick to get angry I am. So for me, the biggest struggle with and obstacle to homeschooling is myself.
    2. Why did your family decide to homeschool?
    Almost five years ago the doctor handed me the most beautiful baby girl I’d ever seen. To be honest, I often struggled with if I wanted to be a mom, let alone a homeschool mom. But watching her start to grow and change, my heart began to grow and change and a seed and desire was planted in my heart that homeschooling was something I wanted to pursue. The Lord used an unexpected job change for my husband right before the new year to allow me to quit my part-time job and stay home full-time with my three children (one born just before quarantine)!
    3. If admission to Heart School landed in your lap, how would you hope it will help your family? What tangible, specific difference would a change in your vision and approach to homeschooling and parenting make to you and those around you?
    In answering question 1, it helps me to answer this question. My hope is that the heart school will be for me, to target my heart. To continue to grow and change into Christlikeness and root out sinful patterns. My role in the home affects more than just education and I truly want our home to be one where Christ is lifted up and my children become followers of Christ who love Him and want to serve Him, not out of duty, but because they’ve been taught and shown how much He loves them. A tangible difference would be an increase of peace in the home and a decrease in me reacting in anger and frustration. I think this would make all the difference in our home and in my parenting.

  10. My name is Billy Jo Reed and I am a mother to three beautiful little humans and I am married to a wonderful husband. I have homeschooled and virtual schooled and I seem to fail at both. My husband has congested heart failure and it always seems we are disorganized and lack of faith. My biggest struggle is getting my kids wanting to learn and be excited about school. We usually end up screaming and crying before the first hour is up. I recently fell ill which they think it may be lupus but not sure. So just having the energy to fight with them. My 19 yr old is in 12th grade she has ADD and Dyslexics, my soon to be 14 daughter is smart as a whip but she rather watch and read Annamae then get an education. Then there is the baby my son who is 11 and he has dysgraphia so getting him to do any writing is next to nothing. I struggle with my faith that I can do it plus everything else. I struggle with authority, I just want to love my children and enjoy them. I don’t always want to be the bad guy. I struggle with organization, school work always seems to go missing or we run out of time. My husband is an Air Force vet so he thinks things should be ran that way but I don’t. I struggle with communication and what I want done. Last but not least I struggle with compromise. We decided to homeschool cause when my oldest was in 6th grade public school we had a parent teacher meeting we had to go to. No sooner did I walked into her teachers room she was like oh your the mother to that one. She goes on to tell me that I should seek help for her because its not her fault that some kids are born stupid. I walked out and have homeschooled every since. I just now wish I could find the joy in it. I think this will help me get back to my Faith and believing in myself. I hope this will bring me closer to my children and that we both at the end of the day enjoyed what we learned that day. Last but not least I hope it teaches me to get organized and on time. My family could really use this but money is so tight. We live off of my husbands disability. And there are times when we have to pay one bill and let one go but we make it. I did go back to work but since I got sick myself I lost my job cause they wont let me go back. Please pick us and help us find the joy again.

  11. Our family’s biggest struggle with homeschooling is desiring to disciple our eight children daily in God’s word and as Christ’s followers but not being sure how to successfully do that. We want to keep what is most important, Jesus Christ, as the priority in our homeschooling but we could use direction and guidance in accomplishing this. Both my husband and I were not raised in a family where discipling and daily Bible reading was modeled. We lacked having dads that were spiritual leaders. We want to give so much more to our children to point them toward relationship in Christ as their personal savior and help prevent them from falling away from faith later in life.

    Four years ago, we chose to homeschool so that we may be a greater influence in the lives of our children and raise warriors for Christ. Time is precious and we want to be present in our children’s daily discipling and activities. In raising our children, we take seriously our calling to teach God’s word diligently to our children throughout our everyday life together. What a blessing and honor it is to have children and we pray that we may be good stewards of all God has given us.

    If we were given admission to Heartschool, we hope it would help our family live out our Christian homeschooling in a way that would bring Glory to God in all that we do. We would like to learn new habits to apply in practical ways so that we may share what we learn with other families. A positive change in our vision, homeschooling, and parenting, through Heartschool mentoring could impact generations to come starting with our family and extending to those we encounter in our community. We would love to learn steps in homeschooling that will impact our children for Christ and then share with others what has made a significant difference. We also look forward to attending our first Teach Them Diligently Convention now that we have discovered such an excellent resource to connect with fellow Christian homeschoolers! Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for the Heartschool scholarship. We appreciate your generosity as you disciple families to teach them diligently.

  12. My biggest struggle is my health. I have been bedridden since the beginning of April this year (we are in Australia so this is all during term). I have CFS and even when I am good my energy and concentration levels are really low. We manage, but sometimes it’s very hard to get the kids to do their work while I am in bed and not able to superivse all of them, I have 5 kids, 16, 14, 7, 5 and 2.
    I think we orignially decided to homeschool because both my husband and I found school socially difficult and because we wanted the freedom of being able to tailor our curriclum to our childrens needs. We now home educate because we want to give our kids a godly education and because we believe God wants us to raise our kids not the state.
    Life is so hard I struggle with just the basics most days and it’s easy for God to be placed on the back-burner in an effort to get other stuff done. I hope Heart Schooling would help me to focus our days on God first and formost. That His will would be first in our homeshool and in our lives. Our primary goal is to raise children that will know, love and serve the Lord all their lives. I hope Heart Schooling will help me to keep this goal front and centre even when life is hard, that the focus of my interactions with my children will be to help them grow in God, to learn to lean on Him and go to him, and to make a faith in Christ their own.

  13. I have just begun homeschooling my 6 year old son and I already sense many areas of struggle. The biggest struggle is to keep my focus on studying his heart and understanding the person God created him to be. My mind always gets distracted with pursuing excellence in lessons, assignments and other aspect of academics (nothing bad in itself but that’s not the only thing life’s about) and it’s so easy to forget about Heart Schooling. My goal is to train my son to be a disciple of Jesus, so that he can serve God and fulfill God’s purposes for his generation. And I am falling short in this area and would appreciate all the help I can get.
    I am new homeschooling mom, I began homeschooling this year because it was the deepest desire of my heart to integrate academics with the Word of God. I did not want the school to teach him Evolution and for me to teach him Creation and for him to forever be confused as to which is the truth. It’s a miracle how God led me to homeschool because my husband was not convinced at all with the idea but through prayer, I submitted the matter to God and God changed the heart of my husband over a period of 6 months. Also the pandemic situation forced my husband to rethink the old traditional ways. Reminds me of Proverbs 16:33, “Make your motions and cast your votes, but GOD has the final say.”
    If I get an admission to the Heart School, I would treasure it as one of the greatest gifts because I live in a part of the world where not many are homeschooling. I don’t have the luxury of having Co-ops and other support groups to encourage me and keep me motivated to press on, on this mission. I desire to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness first and as I intentionally (with God’s help off course) put that into practice in my life and the life of my family, I know that God will use us to minister to our unsaved family and friends in our neighborhood. When others see the life of our family, our choices and our lifestyle (which has changed quiet a bit in the last few weeks that we have begun homeschooling), they will ask ‘why’ we will have the opportunity to answer and present Jesus to them.

  14. My biggest homeschooling struggle is fear and all that it destroys in it’s path. I am afraid of missing the biggest reason for homeschooling – to train my children to love the Lord and have a personal, passionate relationship with Him. I am afraid that sibling relationships are being pushed to their breaking points and that when they leave our home, they will have no relationship with each other. I fear that I am failing my children – that I am not enough (I know that I’m not and that God’s sufficiency more than surpasses my insufficiency) to handle the struggling learner, the moody teenager, the excited preschooler, the laundry, the home keeping, the everything.

    We just graduated our first son this year. My heart brakes when I read the confidence that I could have, but don’t at this point in our homeschool journey. He is a good kid. But, there could be so much more to our relationship and our joy in knowing (really knowing with confidence) that he is walking in the truth.

    I stand at a precipice, having just graduated one child, yet homeschooling a junior, a middle school-er, a kindergartner and a preschooler. Having read the information about heart schooling, I am starting to see how our lack of clear vision has fostered a place for fear, complacency, apathy, inconsistency, and a lack of direction to flourish.

    We decided to homeschool when the school system in our area (back in 2007) wasn’t able to put our two oldest sons in the same school. Our pediatrician at the time had been encouraging homeschooling since the oldest was preschool age. I have always had the confidence that this was the schooling option that God has wanted for our kids.

    If I was blessed with the opportunity to take the Heart School class, I would be drawing a line on the ground and telling fear your not welcome here anymore. I would have a clear vision for my purpose, for my days, for my priorities. I would be able to choose with confidence for my children. I would have the knowledge and skills to change the dynamic of our days, our family culture, my children’s future. I would gain the opportunity to walk in confidence with my choices and my relationships with my children. I have the crazy idea, that I might even gain some of the excitement and passion that my little kindergartner and preschooler have at the idea of homeschooling. I want to be excited for this with them, not riddled with fear.

    It just might be that we all find more of the Lord and less of the distractions.

    Thank you for this opportunity and for all that you and your family do with Teach them Diligently. You are a blessing and an encouragement to the entire Christian homeschool community. May God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

  15. What’s your biggest struggle with homeschooling and why?
    This is good to sit down and think through and answer these questions. If i really think about it, I would say, my struggles relate to three main things
    1. Growing comfortable in my homeschool. If I look honestly at myself, I would have to say having done it for so many years, the original excitement and vision has decreased and normalcy and routine has become the norm.
    2.Time, with 8 kids, especially older teens, I find myself drawn into their busy activities and wanting to be involved in their activities and continue growing our family closeness. When my children were younger, I was more protective of our time, but as they grow, I find my time isn’t always my own, it’s more often being available so that they can do the things that they feel led to do. We still think through what activities we get involved in, how it will affect the family dynamics and also their hearts. Sometimes keeping a child heart also includes saying yes to something that might stretch me but will bless them.
    3. I feel, however, that overall we have done fairly well with our older children, of course looking back, there are things I would change or do differently, but in general, our homeschool journey, so far, has been a success. I’m so blessed with wonderful adult and teen children who are walking upright, following God, making good choices, working hard, loving/enjoying their siblings and have a good relationship with us. I am not so sure I’m doing as good of a job with my younger children though. I need to refocus and find that excitement I had in the beginning and finish strong in the end. My youngest is 6 this year, just beginning her homeschool journey. I need to find that vision again and not grow weary in doing good. This year we are homeschooling 5 children with both a first grader and a senior!

    Why did your family decide to homeschool?
    When we were first married we lived in China. While there we met an amazing family from Texas that were homeschooling their children and living in China for a couple of years. They were such an example to me as a young married person and a baby Christian. When I suddenly found myself a mom when God unexpectedly placed our adopted daughter from China in our lives, they taught me what to do and how to be a mom. I clearly knew from the beginning that God was calling us to homeschool. He put that desire in my heart and I have never doubted our decision.

    If admission to Heart School landed in your lap, how would you hope it will help your family? What tangible, specific difference would a change in your vision and approach to homeschooling and parenting make to you and those around you?
    I think it would be good for me to slow down and think through our vision again. To take the time to really focus and pray and find that original excitement again! I don’t think I will have that clear thinking unless I commit myself to working towards that goal. It won’t happen by itself, and in my normal day to day busyness, I may not naturally slow down and take the time to refocus. I do hear God’s still small voice, reminding me that I am not done and that my younger ones need my excitement and attention as much as my older ones did.
    I have also been thinking more about our local homeschool moms support group. I have been the leader in the past and currently I’m just an “advisor,” for a lack of a better word. I am thinking through more about how I can be more of an encouragement to other homeschool moms. I struggle with how busy I am in raising my own children and yet, I feel God has given me a heart for younger, newer homeschooling moms too. Working through how to do both of these things has been on my heart lately. I would love a new and refreshed vision so I can poor out to both my family and other homeschool moms.
    Thank you David and Leslie for taking the time to put this class together to encourage and bless other homeschooling families!

  16. 1. My biggest struggle with homeschooling is getting my children interested. They have lost their love for learning. School time is met with sighs and exasperation from all of my children. It breaks my heart because I know that I haven’t made it easy for them to learn. I get angry and feel frustrated and just want to give up!
    2. We decided to homeschool in the beginning to protect our oldest child from the public school environment. We went to a homeschool conference the following year and realized that we wanted to follow Deuteronomy 6 and caught a vision for family discipleship.
    3. I’m hoping for a new outlook…some inspiration to keep going. Every single day is a struggle. Ultimately, I’m hoping for a significant change in our family. We’ve gotten far too caught up in the consumerism of the world. I have a strong desire to turn the hearts of my children toward the Lord…and feel like I’m drowning because I’ve allowed my children far too much freedom. If Heart School is what I think it will be, it will be just the right inspiration and motivation that I need to catch that vision of family discipleship again.

  17. This is my 6th year homeschooling, but I feel it’s also going to be the most difficult so far. My biggest struggle right now is figuring out how to balance school work with house work and then fitting in one-on-one time with each child. As our family has grown, so have the responsibilities and the lack of time. As my oldest hits the tween years, I feel the increased need to spend more time with her and I’m not sure how I can do it.

    We started homeschooling because we wanted to be able to bring our children up with a biblical worldview in all areas, have closer relationships with them (and they with their siblings), and protect them from much that is in school settings. Even before I was ever married my dream was to homeschool my children, and I am so thankful to have this opportunity!

    If I were able to receive admission to Heart School, I would first be ecstatic because I really feel it is what our homeschool and family needs right now. I want us to focus more on our relationships with each other, and so often I feel inadequate as to how to encourage that in them. I feel like we are so focused on getting the next thing done that we miss out on stopping to smell the roses! I truly believe Heart School would show me ways to slow down, focus more on our relationships, and help me connect more with my tween!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to share these things!

  18. 1. The biggest struggle in all honesty is consistency. I have multiple ages (9,4,2 and 8 months) and with each milestone of one of the younger three, comes a new challenge for mummy. My eldest seems to suffer the most and academics are quickly swept to the side. I keep devotion and character building as consistent as possible. But sometimes I think Im not getting to the heart of the issues, and that new characteristics keep appearing before we’ve even started to manage the current ones.
    2. We decided to homeschool because I saw the 9 year olds character changing. She was easily molded by her teachers and my authority was being substituted for her teachers. We couldn’t continue in that line. We took her out for 1 year. 4 years later we are still living it (but with additional arrows) We also realised it was a calling, requirement of parents biblically to give our children a firm foundation to be of service to both God and man.

    3. I was told when I was 18 that probably wouldnt have any children. (Fast forward 16 years and I have 4 bio children and 1 step daughter. Praise God) But at the time I prayed that God would give me just 1 and I would dedicate him/her back to God (like Hannah did and recieved her gift Samuel) I recieved my baby girl and now I do my best to train her in the way she should go (and her siblings). Heart school sounds like exactly what I need. To fully understand MY WHY and let God work in my heart so that He can use me to reach and teach their hearts.

  19. My biggest struggle is balancing being mom and teacher, homemaker and wife, working mother and fun maker. I feel like every time I say yes to something I say no to something else and sometimes this causes information overload and decision paralysis.
    We decided to homeschool when we had our 2nd daughter. My oldest was 4 and I wanted to give them a faith based education and I wanted them to learn and grow together not separated into different classrooms. I believe this opportunity would help me turn to God more in our home, marriage, and homeschool. It would help me with grace, love, faith, peacefulness. Thank you

  20. My biggest challenge in homeschooling is creating a life-giving rhythm to our day that both gives order and predictability so that I can accomplish what needs to be accomplished AND helps create connection and joy in our day. We decided to homeschool for several reasons that can be summed up as the desire to raise our child in a godly, life-giving environment so that she can become who God designed her to be. I would hope that the Heart School class would equip me and teach me how to best create a life-giving environment in which we can pass on Kingdom values and have a productive family life. I would hope to learn some parenting techniques, ideas for creating rhythms and family rituals for connection, and ideas for creating a love for learning.

  21. What’s your biggest struggle with homeschooling and why?
    The biggest struggle our family has is everything 🙁 I fell lost I need help and feel that I’m failing them by saying it aloud. Most of the time I feel overwhelmed. I love our kids I want to put God in the center of our life and school every day. I want them to love the Lord our God.
    Why did your family decide to homeschool?
    God save us and we started seeing things that were not ok, praise God. One of my girls was being influenced by not the right people and getting into trouble. We decide to remove her from the public school and have her homeschool to put God as our center and focus still working on that with the grace of Him and mercy. It is not easy but not impossible with Him.
    If admission to Heart School landed in your lap, how would you hope it will help your family? What tangible, specific difference would a change in your vision and approach to homeschooling and parenting make to you and those around you?
    I’m hopeful that it will guide us and bless our family to help us teach them and guide them diligently and not forget why we are here.

  22. 1. I have been widowed only for 2 years. Homeschool my 8 children still at home has been hard for them and me to focus because my husband was the overseer and director of our homeschool. The challenges of life without him has made it hard to focus on the daily tasks of living and homeschooling my children. But I keep in mind the goal of a Christ center education as my goal and try to press on as doing life together is the best for my family even if without their dad.
    2. We started homeschooling because of our Christian beliefs that we see commanded in the Bible to teach them all the time in all ways needed. Jesus and knowledge of Him and God’s Word is the goal in all we have done so far and though my oldest is not walking with Him, I am glad we used homeschooling to train her.

    3. If I would get admission to the Heart School, I would hope to find renewed vision and new hope to continue schooling my 8 kids in a great way to use new ways to reach and teach their hearts for Jesus and His gospel. I am trying to thrive as a single homeschooling mom with many kids and I know this course and community can only assist me this year and in the years ahead… my youngest is 6 and starts homeschooling this year,so I still have a long way to go for Him and His kingdom. I hope to that God can use me to help other homeschooling moms and be a blessing to them. I am looking for expanding my goals and objectives in the years ahead. I know this course can help me renew a desire to homeschooling my kids.

  23. We decided to homeschool before we were married because of the difference we saw in the children of homeschool families. Currently, our biggest struggle is an undercurrent of anger that is in our home. We’re praying and talking about it as a family but seem to be stuck. With this opportunity to review our family mission statement, we would hope to be more effective in serving Christ in love in our home and out as Christians. With a large family, I have hesitated to apply because of the time commitment to truly utilize this program . However, my husband’s job is being eliminated this week and we find ourselves seeking new opportunities for our family. God, in His providence, May use this to help us understand our anger and refine our family vision as we move forward into the new opportunities He has for us to serve Him as a family.

  24. 1) My biggest struggle currently with homeschool is I have one kid that wants to jump on her computer to do dual enrollment before breakfast and prayer while others that don’t want to get up or take care of chores first thing.
    I know we are dealing with heart issues and the truth is I am a tired and lazy mama now with 6 girls ages 4-15.
    2) My family decided to homeschool many years ago (we have all the way through for all of them!) After I was a public school teacher and knew my gifted/ADHD kids would not benefit from that environment.
    3) I would be grateful for Heart School because I know the times I have made Christ and Character the focal point it makes for better relationships for all as well as helping them truly see we are here for His Glory and our words and actions are what point or distract others from Him!
    True Discipleship is our purpose and sometimes we get got up in academics first.

    Side note:
    I am grateful I made the decision to go to Nashville in Feb and spend that time refueling because I was at a super bad place and actually had gotten paperwork to enroll my kids in public school. I had lost my focus ony kids heart and discipleship. Praise Him for the time to refuel so I could then again overflow what I learned to my own children.

    1. Congratulations! You have won the Heart School Scholarship! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me– I pray Heart School is a great encouragement and help to you and your family! ~Leslie

  25. My biggest struggle with homeschooling is consistently working at it with all my heart as if working for the Lord and not for men. I lose heart quickly. I just do what we need to do to survive. I am sad I have allowed circumstances to suck all my energy out of me and robbed my children of a mom who had an excitement for learning and sharing that with them. We decided to homeschool because it gave us more opportunites to make the most of the time we have with our children to prepare to let them go out into the world for Christ. We could be more in tune with their hearts. We could choose and teach them subjects in a way to point them to Christ and fill their minds and hearts with him. We love the freedoms it gives us as a family for quality time and building relationships with one another and in Christ. I love my time with them. If free admission landed in our lap I believe it would encourage me as I abide in Christ and bloom where He has planted me. A change in my vision regarding my homeschool and how God wants to use it in my life and in the lives of my children is what I pray He gives. May I long for the eternal value of the investments we are making more so than the state or college requirements. May how He plans to use this in our hearts and lives transcend how I view our success. I often feel like I am failing. I compare our homeschooling to the world or even other homeschoolers. I want my heart to be focused on God’s heart for our homeschool instead.
    Melanie Davis
    Pastor’s wife
    Mom of 4 -9th, 6th, 4th and 1st grades.
    Former public school teacher for 7 years
    Homeschooling for 11 years.

    Still learning and growing on this journey.

  26. 1) I haven’t started homeschooling yet but I do have a 4 year old who I am beginning to do small lessons with. I believe a few of my struggles is not knowing where to begin, making sure I am doing everything right, being COMPLETELY overwhelmed, not failing my child, keeping a calm attitude, and not being so stressed. I’m such a perfectionist and the thought of my child not thriving or living for God will make me feel like it’s all my fault. That is my biggest fear is that they walk away from God, which leads me to question 2.
    2)Ever since we knew we were going to have kiddos we decided we wanted to homeschool. My husband and I both went to and graduated from a public school, and we both had horrible experiences. Both of us had hard home lives, and going to a public school there isn’t much spiritual encouragement there. Whenever Jesus changed our lives we knew we wanted more for us and our future children. We want to give them the best chance to have the best life and that’s a life in with Jesus! There’s no better life than having one with Him! We believe strongly that it is our duty to teach them to love and serve Him, as well as others. Spending time with homeschool families from our church has inspired us so much. I don’t want my children to ever feel like they have to amount up to anything I only want them to be who God wants them to be. That’s such a struggle at a public or Christian school even. Because ultimately we know that’s all that matters in the end.
    3)I hope that going through the Heart School it will help strengthen my realtionship with Christ and teach me to be a better and more patient mom. I desire to have a meek spirit so badly but I really struggle letting my flesh get in the way. I hope this will help me learn to slow down and cherish each moment with my children and learn that each moment is a gift to disciple them.

  27. My biggest struggle in homeschooling is me…

    Oh wretched man that I am…truly! I’m a sinner in need of a heart transformation, it’s honestly by Gods Grace that I’m in my third year of homeschool. It’s been an incredible journey, but yes God is refining me daily. I battle with anger, being impatient, prideful, disorganized, uggg the list goes on!! A mom once told me, you think you’re homeschool for your child, but really it’s for you… she was SO right! It’s truly shown me my need and dependency for Jesus!! I need Jesus! I honestly didn’t even know any of this about myself until I started homeschooling, lol! But, Praise God we serve a merciful loving God, full of grace! He is teaching me what it means to trust in the Him with ALL my heart! It’s a daily surrender. Shout out to my husband though, because he also has been incredible in all of this. He has been my biggest cheerleader!

    We started homeschooling because we wanted to incorporate Jesus in everything! We didn’t want to compartmentalize Him to one day a week in Sunday school. We wanted to glorify Him in every subject!

    My “vision”, and quiet honestly my deepest darkest secret… shhhh!!!…. is this… I homeschool my son, but my daughter goes to public school. This is her first year of high school. Yikes! She lives part time with her dad, and part time with my husband and me. I’ve always prayed and desired to homeschool her (but her biological dad, prefers not to)… Wellll!!!! with covid, it’s forced her to do online school! So she gets to be home with me 2-3 days a week! I’m so excited, BUT I’m also terrified…. God totally called my bluff on this one… heres why… I have not been able to disciple my daughter the way I have my son. Since I do have the privilege of homeschooling my son, we have a very open relationship about God. We have made God part of everything!! But my daughter is much more closed off. She does love the Lord! It’s just harder to engage with her about the things of God.

    So I need direction, I need guidance to ask the right questions that draw out the motives of the heart… “counsel in the heart of the man is like deep waters, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” Proverbs 20:5. I’m praying 🙏 for that understanding. Before covid we found out somethings about her, she had gone astray… but through Covid she has found a relationship again with the Lord!! God is so good! She is in the Word every night in her room, and I don’t want that to change as she slowly goes back into the world. I totally see the difference between homeschooling and public school, I am witness to the influence the world can have on young people (even myself). But I’m praying God will strengthen her as she goes back. I just want to do my part to teach her diligently. To pour into her. She currently has so much influence on others at school, even her dad who she prays about all the time! I honestly feel like I need to do more for her and my son, and I know the heart is the first/only place to start.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. I pray that Heart School is a great help and encouragement to you and to your family. Check your inbox for details about how to set up your scholarship. I look forward to getting to know you a bit through Heart School in the days ahead. ~Leslie

  28. I am a school nurse for a low socioeconomic school district and my kids are enrolled at public school full time. During my time off this summer God spoke to me very clearly in His word that He is calling me to disciple my children in these young years for a season and this will require homeschool. I am currently looking for anything part time for RN but with school nurse experience only I will have to take a big pay cut to do part time and am uncertain to be honest how God will provide for this mission. He just keeps telling me to take a leap of faith and trust His provision. I am needing to surrender my desires to be able to qualify to purchase a house, we live in a tiny apartment because I was a stay at home mom for many years I didn’t work so we didn’t qualify for a home. This was my first year to work and save for a house, but now I see God leading in a totally different direction. I’m struggling to trust but I know He always comes through. Right now my children are doing virtual learning but I know God will get me to jump and start homeschooling. I don’t even know where to start. I never thought this as even a possibility.

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