Health Care Sharing

Samaritan Ministries is a community of Christians paying one another’s medical bills. It’s not insurance; it’s assurance that you’re part of a health care sharing community where members care for one another spiritually and financially when a medical need arises. It’s a Biblical way to meet your health care needs.

How it works

  • You’re in control. There are no networks. You choose the doctors and hospitals that are right for you, and have a say in the treatment you receive, even if it’s a non-conventional treatment.
  • Your need is shared. Medical bills are sent to Samaritan Ministries, and we notify fellow members to pray for you, and send money directly to you for your shareable bills.
  • Your bills get paid. Use the money to help pay your medical bills, and receive encouraging messages from other members.

$30 million shared monthly

80,000 member households across the nation are sharing $30 million in medical needs each month. Households like yours. Households like Kyle and Colleen’s, who say the greatest joy of being a Samaritan member is knowing that they’re connected to people who love Jesus, and show it by helping care for one another’s medical needs.

What to look for in a health care sharing ministry Deciding how to pay for your family’s health care costs is a big decision. If you’re considering health care sharing, look for a ministry that:

  • Glorifies God above all else
  • Serves their members with Christ-compassionate service
  • Aligns with your Biblical beliefs and values
  • Is focused on ministry, not profit

And when choosing your health care sharing ministry, look for the seal of accreditation by the Healthcare Sharing Accreditation Board. This accreditation helps separate health care sharing ministries that meet high standards of quality and ethical business practices from other organizations with bad practices claiming to be offering health care sharing.

About Samaritan Ministries
Samaritan Ministries is a Biblical solution to health care. It’s not insurance and there are no networks, it’s affordable, and you can join anytime of the year.

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