From a Shoebox Recipient to Changing Lives | 250

Join us in this heartwarming episode of the Homeschooling Families Podcast as we welcome Lyda Giedd, a recipient of an Operation Christmas Child shoebox, and a remarkable individual whose life has been profoundly impacted by the power of giving and faith. Lyda’s story takes us from her challenging childhood in Cambodia to her transformation through the kindness of strangers and the gift of a simple shoebox. Discover how a single act of love can change lives and how you can be a part of this incredible mission.

Meet the Guest:

Lyda will speak into the discipleship piece of OCC in really powerful ways as she has experience as a The Greatest Journey teacher in Cambodia. She will also briefly touch on the multiplication piece as some of the children she taught TGJ are now TGJ teachers themselves – just beautiful all around! But it all started with a shoebox Lyda was given!

Show Notes:

  • A Challenging Childhood- early life in Cambodia, marked by hardship and trauma, the circumstances surrounding her being sold into a brothel as a child
  • A Miraculous Rescue- dramatic rescue by a Cambodian Christian couple, life-altering impact of their kindness and care
  • Life with Her Uncle’s Christian Family- the role of faith and love in transforming her life
  • The Gift of an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox- memorable experience of receiving her first-ever shoebox gift, profound impact of simple items, including art supplies and hygiene products
  • The Power of Forgiveness- struggle with forgiveness and how faith played a crucial role, a turning point in her life that led her to Christ
  • The Greatest Journey Discipleship Program- the significance of The Greatest Journey in the lives of shoebox recipients, Lyda’s journey as a Greatest Journey teacher, spreading the message of hope

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