Find Comfort in Knowing the Outcome

We were watching a football game. It was tight. A team that normally was ahead several touchdowns was only winning by a field goal. 3 points. Tension was high. The enjoyment of watching the football sail through the air and seeing the next play sequence was forgotten as anxiety gripped us.

Not all of us were anxious though.

Someone said, “You know they will win. Let’s just watch the game as if they were going to win.”  (Yes, that kind of thinking works with the Buckeyes. . . But you can’t think that when watching the Browns.)

That comment got me thinking. If we knew our team was going to win- if we went into the game KNOWING that they would win… what would change? Would we think about it differently? Would we view every set back a little more relaxed? Would we sit back and enjoy the process more?

When I was single, I used to think, “If I just knew that someday I was going to be married… I’d be able to enjoy being single.”
“If I just knew the kids would be healthy, I’d be able to relax during pregnancy.”
“If I just knew they would get the job, pass the drivers test, etc…. I could relax.”

Yet, there is no promise of it. So, I wasn’t fully present. I let worry steal some of the joy in the process.

What if I went through life knowing who won in the end?

Well, in the complete end of life… what does winning look like? As Christians, winning looks like — Heaven! Winning looks like — evil being defeated by good. It looks like — Jesus having the last say! It looks like — satan as the LOSER!

Guess what?! As a Christian, as a Believer, as someone Jesus saved — I win!  At the end of it all, I KNOW that God is victorious. The Bible tells me this promise quite clearly.

Do you hold that promise too? Do you have that hope living inside of you?

If so, what if you would live each play, each day, each moment, knowing that your team wins in the end? How different would you live?

If the little setbacks, interceptions of the other team, lost yardage, missed punt… or in the real world those things have other names, like — job lay off, broken foot, skyrocketing prices, tough season with a child, sickness, winter in Ohio, emotional pain, broken relationships, calling to a different church, walking through grief…. The list could go on and on.

What would those setbacks look like if you remembered that you win in the end?!!

I think it would lift your head a little.

It would help you keep going. It would perhaps make you a little more aware of the little things that are positive. Maybe turn your hearts to gratitude rather than complaining. Turn your prayer requests into praise.

So homeschool mom, homeschool dad, this week remember you win.

Written by Trudie Schar

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