Feeding Minds and Saving Coins: Meal Planning for Homeschooling Families | 242

Welcome to Family Forum Friday on the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Today,  Leslie Nunnery is joined by Erin Chase of $5 Dinners. We imagine that you’re at least a month into your back to homeschool routine, and we hope you’re getting comfortable with your curriculum and general plan for school, but have you got your plan in place for all the other things that you are privileged to do for your family? Today, we’re going to dive into a question that many are asking about this time—in the middle of everything else I have to do, how can I feed my family well and cost-effectively?  Erin Chase is going to give us some insight on meal planning, prep, and even money-saving tips so you can have a confident plan of action for the first breakfast, second breakfast, and the myriad of other meals your family asks for each day. 

Meet The Guest:

Erin is on a mission to help busy, overwhelmed home chefs learn to spend less money on groceries and get organized in the kitchen. Beyond the money savings, she’s helped many people come to enjoy cooking again and help them stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed with feeding their families every single night. She lives with her husband and 4 hungry, growing boys in San Antonio, TX. You can find more information about Erin at www.5DollarDinners.com

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Setting the Stage for Back-to-Homeschool Season
  • The Art of Meal Planning and Prep
  • Saving Money Without Sacrificing Nutrition
  • Cooking as a Family Activity

Additional Resources:

  • Find out more about Erin and $5 Dinners HERE

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