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Once upon a time, our homeschool looked like us learning all together around the kitchen table, taking nature walks in the afternoon searching for cool treasures we could learn more about when we got home, laughing, learning, and growing together.

We took the time to get together with friends for Bible study each week, recognizing that building that time into our school week showed a priority for studying God’s Word together with friends. We had our own makeshift homeschool group as three families gathered together each week- 1 mom getting to go out while 2 stayed home to teach and enjoy the fellowship. Those were great days!

This was taken on the most epic homeschool field trip ever– 10 days in Israel, learning more than this article could ever contain… and that trip certainly wasn’t possible during the same season I alluded to before– It was saved for this one.

Nowadays in our Homeschool…

These days are great, too! With 1 in college and 2 taking dual credit classes while they finish their high school work, and one in middle school, our weeks look very different now. Yet, we continue to learn together, laugh together, and grow together. We continue to invest our time in building Kingdom relationships with others and in growing together through God’s Word.

Yes, our homeschool looks different, and yes, I sometimes miss those carefree days when they were young— but the depth of relationship I now have with my bigs was built through those younger days, and I will be eternally grateful.

Stay the course, mama! Be thankful for whatever stage you are in. Look for the beauty of that season and teach your children by example what is most important— loving God and loving others even as you are preparing for whatever God has in store for you.


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I am an introvert by nature– BIG Time!! If I had my druthers, I would stay home, doing my family thing, content to abide peacefully with those I hold most dear. The thing is, I don’t get my druthers. Instead, I have a mission! God has called me (and every one of you, too!) to minister to those He brings across our paths, to show His love, to minister to the hurting, to show hospitality, etc. And those commands are not only for the extroverted among us.

Over the past 9 years since God called us to start Teach Them Diligently, I have seen Him change my heart towards others and stretch me from the quiet, watch-the-crowd person I have always been into one that absolutely loves engaging with people, hearing their stories and getting a glimpse into what makes them unique. As He has reshaped me and given me a new heart for people, He has also given me a new heart for engaging other moms in that same mission.

Strengthen your Core

A few years ago, I really began focusing much more deliberately on strengthening my body—specifically my  core (getting older, you know!) At the same time, the Lord was working on my heart in what would become, it seems, my theme for the last few years—fellowship, community, relationships, etc.

As I was doing a YouTube workout video one day, the woman who was helping me with my exercises said “If your core isn’t strong enough to hold you in this position, simply plant your arms beside you to use as supports.” The Lord immediately got my attention as He combined the two things that I had really been focused on as I meditated right there about my need for those supports for my core… and how that could positively affect my life.

Like I noted before, I am not naturally one who looks for supports for my core.  Through the years, though, I have grown to see regular interactions with my sisters as not only good for encouragement and equipping. Instead, I find it to be a lifeline for my survival as a Christian homeschool mom.  I began to see those supports for my core as a very real picture of “bearing one another’s burdens,” for there are plenty of areas in which I am weak that I need someone to come alongside me to give me extra support. Similarly, there are areas that my core is actually quite strong in, so I am able to give support to those who have needs in that area. That’s part of the beauty of the Body of Christ. He often brings people into our lives whose fellowship can really strengthen our core.

Teach Them Diligently 365

As I was meditating on my core and what our community of Christian Homeschool Moms could really use, God prompted David and I to create teach Them Diligently 365. TTD365 is at its core a community of Christian homeschooling families who are passionate about pursuing their calling and impacting the world for Jesus Christ. It houses a ton of resources, ranging from weekly videos to thousands of audio recordings from Teach Them Diligently events as well as being a central location for community– both through daily interactions and monthly virtual meetups. I wanted to share the final installment of a three-part series that ran this summer in TTD365 about our relationships, so I unlocked it from being “members only.” It’s specifically about Rethinking your Rear-View Mirror and how God can use what you have experienced to encourage and help another.

Rethink Your Rear-View Mirror

God never wastes a THING– whether big or small. He is incredibly gracious to allow us to lay our experiences on His altar, for He wants to use them to encourage others and US as we all get to know Him and His ways better. I recently recorded an entire video series on Relationships within our Teach Them Diligently 365 community.  This video is the third installment in a series about rethinking our relationships and God’s plan for His people through our relationships. I pray that this video (and if you have access to the rest, the entire series) will be an encouragement to your heart and helped you get excited about the mission at hand and the role God has for you to play in it! Click here to watch that video now!

You’re Invited!

We are in the process of a MASSIVE redesign of TTD365 that is going to make what was already an awesome community even better. In anticipation of that, we are having a flash sale and inviting you to join us before we roll-out the new site to enjoy the resources and community at a deeply discounted price. Click here to join TTD365 for an entire year for only $40!! (That’s more than half off the current monthly rate– and an even bigger discount over what it will be when we re-open with our new platform.) Click here to get more information about TTD365, but be sure to use the links in this article to get the FLASH SALE pricing of only $40 per year! I look forward to getting to know you better soon!  The discount code if you don’t use the link above is  365annuallmr The video below will give you more details about what you can expect:

Podcast About Relationships with Heidi St. John

I also invite you to listen in on a conversation I had recently with my friend Heidi St. John about the relationships God wants us women to have together. As Heidi notes at the beginning, “I think you’ll be encouraged!” :)  Click here to visit that podcast now.

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moms night and mens breakfast

Just for you

Teach Them Diligently Convention is built with the whole family in mind. But we’ve got some special programs built just for Mom and Dad. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Mom’s Night

Friday nights at Teach Them Diligently are MOM’S NIGHTS!! With fun, fellowship, and encouragement to spare, this free event is sure to be among the most talked about elements of your TTD weekend. Spending a couple of hours with “your people,” laughing at the things that only you and your people would truly get, and being cheered on and fired up as you get a renewed appreciation for the privilege of being called mom will give you new hope as you head back into the trenches. Get more details about the Mom’s Night at your preferred location by checking out the event pages on our website. 

Men’s Breakfast

How often do homeschool dads actually get together for fellowship, encouragement, and BREAKFAST?? Well, at Teach Them Diligently events, hundreds of them do it every Saturday morning! Our men’s breakfasts have been an important part of helping you strengthen your family through Biblical homeschooling since the very first year, and thousands of men and boys have joined us for these special times since then. Get more details about the Men’s Breakfast at your preferred location by checking out the event pages on our website.

Homeschool Launch Counselor

New for 2019, Teach Them Diligently is excited to offer a brand new Homeschool Launch Counselor service in order to provide the best and most reliable information for parents who are just getting started in their homeschooling journey. The program is FREE and the information is invaluable!

  • Learn from veteran homeschool moms and dads who have already successfully graduated their children.
  • Understand state and legal requirements.
  • Download free resources, checklists, and guides to help you along the way.
  • Attend our Getting Started Mini-Event at Teach Them Diligently Convention and meet personally with our counselors (and you could even get a rebate for the cost of your Registration!!).
  • Experience all this within a Christian environment tailored specifically for new homeschool families.

Learn more about the Homeschool Launch Counselor Program here.

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I’ll be honest, I have been a real curmudgeon when it comes to online events. I am so committed to getting people together for fellowship and encouragement that I have been very late to the game in evaluating the benefits of online equipping and encouraging events. Through our online video meetups in the Teach Them Diligently 365 community, though, I have come to really appreciate the way we can all get together virtually to share our hearts and learn together as homeschool moms.

With this fresh new year upon us, many of us are looking for that kind of encouragement. We all want to find the foundational principles and strategies that will help us grow more in 2019 than we ever have before. I wanted to share a few things that I truly believe will be a great help to you and your family this year.

A New Year, Your Best Year 2019 Conference For Moms

This is not a Teach Them Diligently produced event, but the following is the information from their website:

You want to make 2019 the best year ever, right?! But then again, don’t you say that every year? This year CAN and will be different! Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’ve made some goals for the new year, but you’re afraid that you won’t follow through.
  • You want to be a better wife and/or mother in 2019.
  • You finally want to get your finances under control this year!
  • You want to get {and stay} healthy!
  • You want to simplify your life.
  • You want to conquer the clutter in all areas of your life.
  • You want to find a fitness plan that fits your busy lifestyle.
  • You want to be a better manager of your time.
  • You want to learn new planning techniques that will actually work for you.
  • You want to deepen your faith in 2019.
  • You want to make more time for you.
  • You want to have a more involved, cohesive family life.
  • You need some fresh meal planning ideas.

If so, then the A New Year, Your Best Year: 2019 Conference for Moms is for you! 

The price for this online conference is only $20 for lifetime access to more than 150 video workshops (I’ll be presenting 2 of them– one on praying for your children (and how that will change your life) and one on discipleship-focused parenting!)  If you register on or before January 3, though, you can secure the early bird registration rate of only $15 for the same lifetime access. This is a GREAT way to jumpstart your new year hand-in-hand with me and several Teach Them Diligently favorites– Hal and Melanie Young, Rachael Carman, Kerry Beck, Lesa Dale, and others. Click here to get  more information and to sign up for this online mom-con.

(Please note that since we are not the producers of this event, we cannot personally vouch for all the speakers or presentations. As always, we should be discerning and thinking Biblically as we listen.)

Teach Them Diligently 365

This members-only community is starting out 2019 with a serious boost in commitment and focus. If you truly want to make sure that 2019 is your best year yet, I invite you to join us there. The first three weeks of every month, there will be a video mini-workshop of sorts available to you, whether it be in the form of an interview/conversation with a Teach Them Diligently speaker or a lesson from my heart, you will find very helpful, focused content every week of the year to give you that boost that you need to rethink every area of your life and to endeavor to bring it all in line with how God’s Word tells us  to live. On the fourth week of each month, we will have an online members-only meetup. During those meetups, we’ll chat and go a little deeper into the content we have been discussing as we all mentor and learn from one another. With additional ways to connect with other like-minded moms throughout the year– and enhanced offerings at Teach Them Diligently events, joining Teach Them Diligently 365 now will give you day by day encouragements and helps to keep you focused and thriving all year long.

Click here for more information and get involved today!

Teach The Diligently Book

Finally, the Teach Them Diligently book provides a Biblical look at discipleship-focused parenting.

How I hope that as you read through the pages of this book, you will be encouraged by the fact that the fear of losing our children is not even discussed in God’s Word.   Instead, He gives us instructions on how we as their parents are to set them on the way they should go. Yes, we live in a fallen world, and sadly people act like fallen people — a lot. Were that not true, we would never see any exceptions to the inspired Proverb in which we are told to “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). But we can take heart in that God’s perfect plan for our families is that our children will be trained well in their youth, and that when they start choosing their own way, they will continue in what they have learned. The One who knows our hearts and our children’s hearts best is the One we should trust. And it is exploring that role, in His great design for our families, that this book seeks to do.

I pray that after the last page is turned, you will walk away with a better vision for parenting your children the way God intended, with an actual game plan, and that you will have a much deeper trust in Him, confident in His ability to hold your children close as they grow. He is strong and mighty, and He loves them with an everlasting love.

No matter what resources you avail yourself of, I pray that 2019 is truly a blessed year for you and for your family. I pray that God will show Himself strong, that you will grow closer to Him day by day, and that your family will be stronger at the end than it is as we embark on this year. I look forward to getting to know many of you through TTD365 and our events this Spring. How I pray you will join us there!!
Joining You In This Journey!
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I was pretty confident I could write a book, when we finished homeschooling elementary grades!

I would sing an anthem of encouragement to all new homeschool moms:

     1. Be Flexible.

     2. Discover your child’s love language and learning style.

     3. Enjoy your time together.

The year we started middle school, I was not prepared for the change ahead. After years of feeling like I had this homeschool thing in the bag … I felt like a brand new homeschool mom. I felt lost.

Kiddie cute curriculum became boring. What curriculum should we be using now?

Fire stations and petting zoos were lame. What field trips are left to take?

The interest level has changed … what does he mean he has a “girlfriend” at co-op?!

I was not prepared for middle school to change the ease of our homeschool. For the first time in many years, homeschooling felt strange. I was out of my comfort zone.

Middle School Change Ahead

I quickly learned a few things about middle school boys:

1. They Want Space. The boy does not enjoy me leaning over his shoulder working together. He doesn’t want me to read science chapters to him, he wants to read them to himself. He wants to do work on the computer and he wants to keep his journal writing private.

2. They are Mature He grew out of things he always loved to use. His desire to build things with Legos has faded. Wild Kratts and Magic School Bus are not “cool” science resource. Modeling clay collects dust. There are less “crafts” to hang up. The wiggly eyes no longer wiggly.

Where to Turn

In my effort to adapt to this new season, I went online looking for middle school bloggers. I only found a few, so I tried  Pinterest to find some “mature” science projects, but again, I only found a few. For 4 months I found very little regarding the transition from elementary homeschool to middle school homeschool.

I called a few friends and cried on the phone, why is this so hard for me? Their reassurance was unanimous. They all agreed this stage, the preteen middle school years is hard. Especially for a boy. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t a failure.

I prayed long and hard over my son, our homeschool – even doubting if we should still be homeschooling at this point. But I came to realize and accept the changes ahead. It is selfish for me to ignore them.

It is funny, but what I would share with a first year homeschool mom I realized God had been sharing with me.

God Shared

1. Be flexible. If something that once worked (for years) does not flow smoothly now – go ahead and change it. We did more online courses and subjects than the traditional workbook. He decided which subject to work on next and graded his own work.
2. Fill their tanks. The year required more reassurance that he is loved because his self assurance / confidence seemed to be questioned compared to superheroes on the big screen.
3. Enjoy your time together. It might no longer be cuddling on the couch and holding hands crossing the street. The cutesy crafts are now replaced with life-size trebuchets and working motors. We took walks and talked about “the girl” in his co-op, why he thinks The Hobbit is better than Star Wars, and why he can’t watch the latest PG-13 movie. We talked about a moral compass, laws, politics, what we believe, and why.

In summary, Middle school mom you are not alone in this change. I encourage you to pray often. Seek wisdom. Encourage open communication – even if it’s not exactly what you want to hear. Trust God. Change might be ahead but your path is straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.


Stef Layton

Bio: Stef Latyon has lived in Florida for majority of her life. She is wife to Thad, a golf course architect, and homeschool mom to two hands-on active boys. When she’s not planning the next great field trip, she enjoys yoga and tennis. 

Over the last ten years Stef has been a conference speaker, online community encourager, magazine columnist, brand ambassador, social media strategist, guest blogger, vlogger, ebook creator, blog manager, field trip planner, and most recently Geography teacher to 24 students. Stef is considered a prominent hands-on learning home educator.

You can find Stef sharing her witty thoughts on Instagram at: QTMatters or on Twitter at: StefMLayton.

This article was originally published on our Homeschool Launch Blog.



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Middle School to High School Transitions for Boys

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Science Teaches Connection

Don’t you love how as home educators, we’re always learning or being reminded of cool things? And isn’t it amazing how as Christian home educators, the Creator God often takes those things we learn “academically” and teaches us great things about Himself and His plan for His people through them. Honestly, those are some of the most remarkable perks of being a homeschool mom. Recently, I learned a little something about homeschool connections that I am dying to share with you!

I’m sure many of you find yourselves doing very similar things to me right now—getting ready to start a brand new school year. After graduating our oldest this spring, we will have a junior, sophomore, and sixth grader to homeschool this year. With my junior, that means my second adventure in Chemistry class in the last 3 years.

It was actually chemistry that God used to encourage my heart today, and I really wanted to tell you about it.

Homeschooling Science

Have you ever stopped to think about the 118 elements on the periodic table (which is WAY more than I had to learn in school, for what it’s worth!) and how much more useful and strong most of them are when they are in compounds rather than on their own. (There are even some that can’t even EXIST on their own!)

Additionally, if it weren’t for the creative ways God has put many of these elements together (think: H2O) or given mankind the creativity to do so, everything we know and see in the world would only be one of those 118 elements. How boring would our world be with only 118 elements making up everything? No trees, no water, no life! Instead, God created those atoms to bond together to create limitless chemical compounds filling our world with life, diversity, and useful things for us to enjoy. (Now would be a great time to stop and thank our Creator for His countless wonderful gifts to us!)  :)

Some of these elements, though useful on their own, become much more valuable and effective when they are combined with other elements to create compounds. Think of how steel is created from iron, or how useful aluminum becomes when combined with other elements.

I’m sure that you already KNEW that, but had you ever stopped to marvel at it?

Homeschool Connections

Here is why that little chemistry lesson last night was such an encouragement to my heart. God has been impressing on me for about a year and a half about the importance of fellowship, community, and connections among believers. He has reinforced to me through opportunities, conversations, and Bible study the fact that we were never created to walk alone—we are much stronger and more useful to Him when we live in community. Seeing that very lesson displayed so powerfully in the 118 elements that make up all life was incredible.

We Need Homeschool Connections

What if we, as moms (and dads) were really dedicated to making those homeschool connections with one another, serving one another, sharing ideas and experiences with one another, bearing one another’s burdens, teaching one another, and generally supporting each other as we all passionately pursue the call God has placed on our lives?

That thought has driven much of the conversation in our home (and among our team) over the last year as we have evaluated all the resources and connections that God has placed in our hands through Teach Them Diligently and how we are to offer it back to Him as a means to further build the families He has called us to serve.

Excited doesn’t really encapsulate how I feel about how He has led as we have prayed that way.

Strengthen Your Homeschool Connections

In the next few days, we are going to introduce you to a brand new, re-designed Teach Them Diligently 365. This re-design is not only structured around adding resources, but we have also enhanced the community (ahem: Homeschool Connections!) element of the website.

God has opened the door for us to offer a community where families can have access to all the great things you love about TTD events—but that can be available to you 365 days a year. Through that community, I have already been encouraged, prayed for, lifted up, taught, and so much more, and I am so excited for you to join us there.

As Christian home educators, we “swim against the cultural current” most of our days, don’t we, but there is no need to do it alone! If you are reading this, you already have access to an amazing group of families who are actually going the same direction you are. Just think of how much more effective and successful we could all be if we lock arms and commit to joining each other in the journey!

In the days ahead, we plan to tell you more about the newly remodeled community outlet we are so excited about, and I am praying that all of you will join with us there. I get very excited when I think of the impact that a group of families who are passionately committed to raising their children to love God and others and to prepare them to walk confidently through whatever doors God may open can have on our world—today and for generations to come!

PSST–> Many times, within those chemical compounds we discussed earlier,  we find that the elements involved compensate for each other’s weaknesses. For example, neither concrete nor steel have the essential properties on their own to be perfectly useful for a foundation in large construction. Yet steel reinforced concrete provides a building block strong and yet flexible enough to hold up a tall skyscraper. We can all use a little strength or flexibility help in our lives, can’t we? I wonder if that’s part of the reason God told us in Ecclesiastes 4 that two are better than one…? Making solid homeschool connections can really make your journey a lot more enjoyable and effective!


Rethink Home EducationWe have a special ebook that we would like to send to you. It’s entitled “RETHINK EDUCATION, Turning Scary Questions About Home Education Into Exciting Possibilities.” This book is about turning the Scary Questions about Home Education into Exciting Possibilities. It was written after countless conversations with moms who are either considering homeschooling or struggling with doubt. My heart in writing it is to offer hopeful answers to some of the questions moms tend to be asking… and you might be surprised at which ones didn’t make the list. I would love for it to become a resource you could share with your friends who are considering home education, or who are wondering if they’ll keep going. So, grab your copy today!


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Joy In The Calling


Where did it all begin? That is what I think when people ask me to give my testimony. Perhaps, when I was five, here and there when I was 12 or 13, just a little bit more when I was in my twenties; although I think it really began when I had nowhere else to go, when I felt like I was drowning in my own sorrow and pain, and I cried out, “Lord, what I am to do, where do I go, I am so lost.” He said, “I need you to meet me, Every. Single Day in My Word and to pray without ceasing.”

Being, “saved,” being, a “child of God,” is not just a one-sided relationship, but what relationship is? The very definition of relationship is – the state of having shared interests or efforts; connecting or binding participants. I wasn’t even a participant really. I knew Who the Lord was; I could quote you a few lines of scripture; I even went to church on Sunday. Yet, I wasn’t connecting with God, I definitely did not have shared interests or make that much of an effort to have a relationship with my heavenly Father.  nor did I ever apply His word to my life…

“But someone will say, “You have
faith, and I have works.” Show me
your faith without your works, and
I will show you my faith by my works. You believe that there is one
God. You do well. Even the demons believe – and tremble! But do you
want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead? Was not
Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on
the altar? Do you see that faith was working together with his works,
and by works faith was made perfect?

James 2:18-22

As I began to give myself to this relationship with Christ, the rewards of joy, friendship, and delight in God’s path for my life began pouring in. I remember very well, how the Lord started putting Godly
women in my path, women in the homeschooling trenches, and women in the midst of the fiery storm of life that fully rely on God. These women became friends and mentors that have encouraged, prayed, and inspired me in times of need.

As I began on this new journey with God, He rewarded me with joy at a refreshing and renewing retreat with like minded women who love the Lord and felt called to homeschool their children. I had the opportunity to hear some amazing women led by God speak about their homeschool journeys and pray and worship with them. Rachael Carmen, whom started this retreat; spoke straight to my heart, when she spoke about prayer. She made sure that during the retreat there were prayer sessions for after every worship session, this was balm to my heart. She spoke about spending time on
your knees with God and having a “knee” friend, someone who is willing to come with you in prayer on their knees. I can’t explain the feeling of praying on your knees in earnest to our Lord, to sometimes feel like I could reach out and touch His robe or feet.

This brings me to delighting in God’s path for my life. During this season of my life the Lord has charged me with being a prayer warrior for others that are on the battlefield of life in this world. He has also charged me with raising three blessings.


This is my season of learning, renewing, praying, and guiding, I cannot wait for what God has in store for me in my next season of life. By following His path and being content and delighted in His work, He has brought me great joy in this season already. Joy in knowing that as I pray and intercede for others, I am being used by Him and I get to see so many lives changed as I keep in touch and see how God works in their lives through answered prayers. Joy in watching my kids apply God’s word in their own lives and make their relationship with God a lifestyle at a young age, ask questions about his Word and delve into it with me, and earnestly pray with the faith of a child.

No matter your station, situation, season, or circumstance; God can use you right where you are. As you search His word and get on your knees with him in prayer, open your heart to His path for your life. Have faith as he leads you and be content in His direction. Don’t expect EASY, do expect JOY!

“For ye see your calling, brethren,
how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many
noble, are called: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world
to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world
to confound the things that are mighty; And the base things of the
world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things
which are not…That no flesh should glory in his presence”

1 Corinthians 1:26-31


Guest blogger Kelli Miller is the owner of Lady of the Barn. There, she discussed Homeschooling, Homemaking, Her personal walk with God, and life in a barn. For the past several years, though, she has followed the leading of the Lord to leave her blog where it was and to focus solely on her main calling, discipling the little ones God has so richly blessed her with.

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Homeschool Mom, have you ever had the Lord calling you to do something, but you really were uncertain about your ability to do it? Yeah, me, too!

Over the last several months, the Lord has really been working in my heart about the need to have a larger outreach with the moms who attend or follow Teach Them Diligently. He has really convicted me of the need to recreate the encouragement and equipping we all receive that weekend to allow it to start happening throughout the year.

He has specifically laid on my heart the need to encourage and share weekly via a Homeschool Mom’s Monday Morning Minute (#HSMMMM.) We all need to take a minute or so each week just to refocus and renew our minds… and Mondays seem like the best time to do that!

It is my sincere prayer that these times together on Monday mornings will be an encouragement to all, that they will start our week off on the right foot and with the right focus, and that we will all develop a deeper relationship with God and with each other through the year which will culminate in fantastic reunions onsite each spring at Teach Them Diligently.

So, won’t you join me?

Each Monday morning, Lord-willing, there will be a Facebook Live video element and a blog element of the Homeschool Moms Monday Morning Minute to encourage and hopefully give you a takeaway that you can refer back to through the week. Won’t you join me there? If you have not yet liked our Facebook page, you can do so by clicking here. I look forward to “seeing” you Monday morning around 9:30 am EST! (As a fellow Homeschool Mom, you know why I had to add the “around” to that sentence… who knows what will pop up during our mornings.) :)

What would you like to talk about during these moments together? If there is a specific need or subject you would like for me to address, please leave me a comment in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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Homeschooling Parents

About David and Leslie Nunnery

Leslie Nunnery and her husband David founded Teach Them Diligently, the nation’s premier source for gospel-centered homeschool events. With seven years of homeschooling experience from preschool-high school and a passion to encourage and equip homeschool families, this mom of 4 shares her know-how and insights weekly through Teach Them Diligently media and on

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