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Fantastic Typing Programs for Kids

There are many ways to help your child become more proficient in typing skills.  And, it can be achieved without paying an arm and a leg for proper keyboarding skills, as many are free.

Typing programs can make it enjoyable for kids to learn. Imagination Soup has compiled an impressive list that may be beneficial for your student. Here are just a few options:

There are definitely more resources where these came from, and many according to each child’s specific need. Online typing  tutors such as Power Typing and Kiran’s Typing Tutor Software, are also options. These will help strengthen their skills upon learning proper techniques, etc.

Another recent program called TypingWeb, is free and offers tracking and games. It can be good to add supplements in curriculums for skills that may easily fall through the cracks.

Technology is constantly advancing. It is essential to keep kids aware of and on top of new techniques, while keeping a balance with old fashioned skills. Typing is also important in enhancing future job skills, blogging, business, and much more.

Even though we want children writing with good old pencil and paper, it’s crucial to get them proficient with typing skills as well in their writing for college papers, etc. Keeping kids in the dark will only hinder their development.

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