Giving Kids The Freedom To Create

Giving Kids The Freedom To Create

I am a homeschool mama to 6 children.  My children are loud, they are funny, they are always busy.  As I grow in my homeschool journey, I see that all my children love to be creative.  Their creativity is messy and sometimes as a mom being home all day, homeschooling, messes are the last thing I want.  But I am finding that with the messes come the greatest lessons, lots of laughter and memories that will last them a lifetime.

Each of my children express their creativity in different ways.


My 14 year old is such an amazing artist.  I don’t know where he got such talent because my stick figures barely look like stick figures.  But he can look at things in his mind, envision a picture and draw it.  The best part it, no matter how difficult it is he just keeps at it, erasing, drawing again, erasing and so on.  He is learning patience through his drawings, but he is also learning how to share his passion through drawings.


My 11 year old is in the process of writing her first book.  She absolutely loves to read.  She will sit for the entire day just reading books.  She approached me one day and asked if she could write a book.  As a homeschool mom I was so excited.  What a great way to get in some grammar and typing in a fun way that is completely led and driven by her.


My 9 and 6 year old love to cook.  They both are so talented in the kitchen.  While my 6 year old likes the quicker meals that don’t take too much time.  My 9 year old on the other hand loves to learn new things and is quite patient in the kitchen.  I wish she was as patient with her siblings as she is for her cake to cool, but she is learning many great lessons.  Most of all they are finding joy in creating something that others will enjoy.


My 4 year old is a singer.  You will hear her singing herself to bed, singing out on the trampoline, singing at church, singing while she is riding her bike.  She doesn’t care where she is or what she is doing, sometimes in the middle of the store she will belt out a tune.  Believe it or not, she can carry one.  I on the other hand…not so much.


My 2 year old is absolutely creative.  Not just messy, but creative.  She will take all her dolls and play house.  I can hear her acting out different scenarios and it always cracks me up.  She will feed her babies, feed the dog, play with them and take them for a walk.  I love it.

With so many people in the house and when everyone is being creative, it is messy, it is loud, but so well worth it for what they are learning.  Take the time to inspire creativity.  Listen to your children, watch them, surprise them.  By inspiring creativity in your children you are creating in them patience, a love of learning and most of all, they are using the gifts and talents that God has given them.  Nurture it mama.

How do you nurture creativity in your kids?