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Homeschool Family Favorites is one of the best tools available when it comes to finding a curriculum for your homeschool. But, possibly, the best quality of our Guide is that the full curriculum was not chosen by us (Teach Them Diligently). We compiled a list of all of the best curriculums based on your votes! We have tallied the votes from thousands of responses we received for this year and are now delivering our top homeschool curriculums for each subject and grade level.  

Again, this list is not Teach Them Diligently advocating for any particular curriculum company. This list was chosen by you—the users of the curriculum. It is also important to remember that the winners of the Homeschool Family Favorites Award are the top 3 vote-getters in any particular category.  

Homeschool Parents across the country have voted and made this fantastic list for you. We know this list will be incredibly helpful to your homeschool family. Check out the full Homeschool Family Favorites here! We have over 40 lists for each subject broken down by Elementary, Middle School, and High School.  

When beginning a new school year, one constant stress point for every homeschool parent is which curriculum to use? We at Teach Them Diligently have tried to alleviate some of that stress by putting together our 2023 Homeschool Family Favorites. We polled homeschool parents across the US and asked them to vote for their favorite curriculum and what we have ended up with is an exhaustive list of the best curriculum. So if you find yourself asking, “What is the best Preschool Curriculum” or “What Preschool Curriculum should I use” this list will be a massive help.  

When homeschooling a preschooler, there is a lot that can go wrong. Between a very distracted young mind and your busy schedule, it really is helpful to use a curriculum. When asking homeschool moms which curriculum was their favorite, our top-rated ones were: 

 The Top Three Best Preschool Curriculums  

 * Stepping Stones by Master Books 

Stepping Stones, Master books is a multiple award-winning curriculum filled with hands-on activities. Your children will memorize verses and start building the foundations of faith by featuring biblical heroes and their characters.  

This course has one lesson per day, three days a week. Each lesson has these elements. 

Connect with your Kid— Give instructions and interact with your child  

Model and Guide— Show your child how it should look 

Look at a Hero of the Bible— Teach your child about a specific hero each week 

Through interactivity and working on the curriculum with your preschooler in mind, Master books has created an excellent curriculum.  

There are many, many great curriculums that work with your child in different ways. One excellent example of this is the following two winners. 

* Before Five in a Row  

Before Five in a Row is divided into two parts. Part One contains hundreds of simple ideas and activities developed around 24 of the finest books ever written for young children. You’ll find fun activities built around such beautiful classics as The Runaway Bunny, The Carrot Seed, Corduroy, Caps for Sale, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, The Snowy Day, Katy No-Pocket, and Blueberries for Sal. Each unit provides creative ideas and enjoyable activities designed to cultivate joyful intimacy with your child while building vital learning-readiness skills. 

Part Two is a rich resource filled with specific ideas designed to help you prepare children for learning through simple, everyday activities. You will also find ideas for bath time, bedtime, in the kitchen, at the grocery store, and much more—information and inspiration to help you maximize these precious years, guiding and preparing your children well for their future academic journeys. 

Special features include a new design with updated illustrations, Animal Classification Cards that help children develop simple, enjoyable classification skills, and Story Disks and a Storybook Map that provide hands-on fun and prepare your child for later studies with More Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row Volumes 1-8. 

* Abeka Preschool  

Instill a Desire to Learn — Abeka takes great strides to try and create a desire for lifelong learning within your children.  

Taught from a Biblical PerspectiveAbeka teaches every subject with the foundation of a biblical worldview. 

Age Sensitive — Abeka strives to make their curriculum appropriate for your kids. Taking into account their knowledge level and how far their motor skills have developed. 

Fun! — Abeka tries to make education fun so your kids will truly enjoy doing their homework.   

Simple to Use — Abeka does not overcomplicate things. Instead, they try to make it as simple to use their curriculum as possible.  


The Importance of Structure 

Preschooling is a difficult time to try and wrangle a kid to sit down and listen as they want to be playing. The more structure you have to rely on, the easier building the habit of home education becomes. Building those habits will long term help break down the resistance some children have when it comes to doing their school. Eventually, it will be just as natural as eating or waking up all it takes is time and consistency. Children, especially at that age, need structure to succeed, and we are sure these curriculums will help you give your kid their best chance at success.  


The Rest of the Top Ten Best Preschool Homeschool Curriculums  

  1. The Good and the Beautiful 

  1. Getting Ready Easy Peasy 

  1. All About Reading 

  1. Gather Round Homeschool 

  1. Little Hands to Heaven 

  1. Sunlight Preschool 

  1. All About Learning Press 

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