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On today’s podcast, Leslie Nunnery is joined by Kent Darcie of Adults Children of Divorce Ministry. Leslie and Kent will be discussing an incredibly important, yet way under-discussed topic—how adults with divorced parents can overcome the impact their parent’s divorce has had on them. As the author of “Choose a Better Path: Overcoming the Impact of Your Parents’ Divorce”, Kent will discuss the impact of divorce on adults and tools they can use to overcome the effects of divorce and choose a better path for their own marriage.



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Thank you for listening to the podcast today. Choose a Better Path is an insightful and helpful resource. Whether you are the adult child of a divorced family or you know one, this will be a great help.


As an adult who struggled with the impact of his parents’ divorce, Kent Darcie’s passion is to help you choose a path that leads toward healthy relationships with God, yourself, your spouse, and others.

Meet The Guest:

Kent Darcie is the founder of Adults with Divorced Parents Ministries. Kent is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Southeast Michigan. Kent is the author of “Choose a Better Path: Overcoming the Impact of Your Parents’ Divorce“. Kent will celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary this fall. 

Topics In This Episode:


  • How parental divorce affects their children and the parents’ adult kids (Gray Divorce)
  • The definition and impact of Gray Divorce and how the impact differs from adults whose parents divorced when they were kids.
  • How the ministry helps adults with divorced parents
  • About the book Choose a Better Path 

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