Families on Mission- Coronavirus Edition

We are all being thrust into a new, strange reality for a while it would seem. How is God at work in it all, and how can we really engage as Families on Mission during this remarkable time? Let’s talk about that! Leslie shares several ideas of her own for using this time to shepherd the hearts of your children as well as reach out into your community with the love of Jesus. Share your own ideas on the TTD365 Dashboard.

Additional Resources:

  • Breakfast to share— This article has some ideas for breakfasts to make in advance, freeze, and then share. 🙂 Click here to see them now.
  • Neighborhood Gathering Ideas— Neighborhoodday.org has some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing about ways to connect with your neighbors in the days ahead. Click here to see those ideas.
  • 70 Ideas to Use and Share with Others for when days aren’t normal. Meghan Tucker crowdsourced in the TTD groups to get a lot of these ideas, and they are great! Click here to find a lot of ideas for things to do with your children or other families during this time.
  • Ideas for Teaching Your Kids To Be Mission-Minded. Click here to get those ideas from the TTD Blog.
  • Nursing Home Letters— This was an idea from a TTD365 mom, have your kiddos write letters to those in the nursing home since they can’t have visitors right now. What a great way to encourage a senior’s heart.
  • Share TTD365 with those who are lonely or in need of encouragement. I would love for God to build this community by multiples, so we can reach out and virtually hug and love on a whole bunch of new homeschool mamas and daddys. Click here to share TTD365. Invite them to join us with code MemberShare, so they can save $20 off their annual membership. I hope it encourages hearts.

Recommended Audio:

Important Things To Teach Our Family- Ruth Adams

Homeschooling parents often have many things they want to teach their children, but what are the most important things that parents can pass down from one generation to the next? In her talk “Important Things to Teach Our Families” Ruth Adams seeks to encourage parents to intentionally disciple their families in the process of daily learning and living. Ruth is the author of the book “Legacy Reflections of a Homeschooled, Homeschooling Mama” and shares out of almost four decades of involvement in homeschooling both as a student and now as a Mama to seven. Ruth understands the joys and struggles of homeschooling many children and is passionate about helping other mamas embrace the ministry within their homes.