Teaching Preschool Using Pinterest

Teaching Preschool Using Pinterest

Using Pinterest for Preschool Learning Pinterest is definitely the rave these days. I love how it is full of amazing resources for homeschoolers ranging from preschool through college.

Did you know you can do all of your preschool learning strictly through Pinterest alone? You can search for free and frugal ideas. Here are some examples to give you an idea of how wonderful the world of Pinterest truly is. Simply plug any of these phrases into Pinterest and you will be AMAZED at the resources that pop up:

1,000 pages of free preschool printables

Free preschool curriculum ideas

Preschool workbook ideas

30+ Fine Motor skills activities

Preschool Learning songs

Early reading

Handwriting practice pages

30 fun ways to teach colors

Language activities

Preschool math curriculum

25 ways to teach sight words

Top 10 educational apps for preschoolers

Seasonal science experiments

Free preschool learning packs

Learning phone numbers

The list can go on and on. Learning ideas are very abundant on Pinterest. What if you want to teach your preschooler how to write their name? Just typing in the search terms “preschool name writing” a variety of ideas pop up such as:

Free personalizable name printables

Custom name tracer pages

16 preschool name writing activities

And the list goes on!

What if you are having speech issues with your preschooler and can’t afford to hire a speech pathologist or therapist? Here are some ideas that pop up, but keep in mind these could just be a helpful supplement and shouldn’t replace a professional, especially if your child does need that extra help.

10 songs and rhymes to encourage speech

Articulation printables

Speech therapy apps

What if you need to go completely outside of the box for your preschooler and talk to them about divorce or death? This is a very touchy topic and many families don’t believe in teaching preschoolers about these subjects. If you feel like you are in a place that you really should, Pinterest is here to help by allowing many to post resources they are knowledgeable about for example:

Talking about divorce

Books for troubled toddlers and preschoolers

Helping transitions for kids go a little smoother – Kim’s Counseling Corner

9 Tips to Help Your Preschooler Cope with the Death of a Grandparent

Books for kids on death, loss, and grief

As you can see you can find pretty much anything you need to help your preschooler right off of Pinterest. I so wish Pinterest was available while I was teaching preschool. It is such an awesome and amazing resource.