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The Power of Habits– 40 Days To Transform

Whether we are comfortable admitting it or not, our lives are dominated by a collection of reflexes and routines for which we expend very little brain power. We readily accept that habits have power in our lives, but we underestimate just how much of our lives do not utilize intentional thought.

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Schedules: Helping our Children to be Happy

One of the absolutely greatest gifts we can give our children is a schedule. Studies show that keeping our children on a schedule & creating routines
produces stability, calm, trust, discipline and most importantly, happiness. Come and see and hear why scheduling gives us the freedom to have fun and to accomplish great things. You will walk away from this session with wonderful ideas to implement into your family schedule.

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Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule

Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule by speaker Amy Roberts A mother of eight, Amy Roberts, is a blogger at Raising Arrowswhere she talks about parenting a large family, homeschooling, Christian conservatism, and grief support. Raising Arrows is all about keeping in mind the fact that as Christians, we are raising unique individuals who will someday be […]

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Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever

Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever by speaker Esther Wilkison Are you ready to influence lasting transformation in your child? Discover these organizational strategies that will help you make this your most organized homeschool year ever! Listen Now

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Your Most Organized Homeschool Year

Parents have asked me if it is normal to end the homeschooling day sitting on the floor in tears. This is not how they homeschooling to be next year. Even if your days do not end that way, do you ever wonder if other homeschoolers make it through their day on schedule without taking time to hunt for missing things? Come discover organizational strategies that will help you take advantage of many opportunities you have to influence lasting transformation in the lives of your children.

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