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8 Oils for Calm and Focus

Speaker: Julie Polanco Looking for a natural pick-me-up to improve focus for yourself or your child? Need to help an overwhelmed child cool down? Wondering what’s safe and proven effective? Attend this workshop and learn about essential oils that help and how to safely use them.

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When Bribes and Punishments Stop Working

Speaker: Julie Polanco Come to this workshop to learn practical, fun, proven ways to motivate your kids to learn without using candy, money, privileges, grounding, threats, or other traditional methods. Through personal stories and some fun exercises, Julie will equip you with new strategies that will rekindle that fire of curiosity in your kids. Listen […]

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Unschooling ISN’T Unparenting

Speaker: Julie Polanco Feeling burned out, stressed out, and ready to quit? Wondering if a more relaxed, unschoolish approach might be for you but you’re afraid it’s unbiblical? Get the facts! This interactive workshop will discuss: What is Christian unschooling? Is it Biblical? What about the 3 R’s and core knowledge? What about college? Listen […]

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Laying a Foundation for Success with Special Needs

Speaker: Julie Polanco Teaching a special needs child requires a different set of tools. Find out how to avoid pitfalls, sift through the mountains of advice, and set yourself up to successfully homeschool your special child. Come learn from a 17-year veteran homeschooler of 4 special needs children how to have peace and joy in […]

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