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Q and A With Homeschool Graduates– Real Kids of 365

Leslie sat down with Camden, Payton, and Lizzie Gray to ask them YOUR questions about growing up homeschooled and how that prepared them for college. Find out what they REALLY thought about homeschooling, how they learned to LEARN, how they felt that prepared them for college and more in this candid conversation. Recommended Audio Giving […]

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Simplifying Algebra for the Hesitant Learner (When are we going to need this stuff anyway?)

Algebra is the study of relations (equations and inequalities). It is therefore essential that students completely and conceptually understand the basic concepts necessary to solve them. In this workshop, Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive, and author of “Algebra: A Complete Course”, and “Geometry: A Complete Course”, will help you to develop an inquiry approach which is applicable to all basic relations. You will discover the analytical questions students need to ask, in order to “undo” all of the complications they may encounter, when solving equations and inequalities.

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